A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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Gotta Get Back To Hogwarts...
...back to witches and wizards and magical beasts
to goblins and ghosts, it's a magical feast!

It's now day six of our Seven Days of Start of Term! We've had plenty of cool features released already, and we have more to come. If you don't know what new features we have, take a look at our September 1st announcement.

★ Character Overload!
Calling all character creators!

We're cooking up some great stuff to end our week of start of term celebrations, but for day six we wanted to celebrate YOU! Reply to this announcement with a link to a thread you want other players to check out (it can be OOC or IC!) and you will be credited for one 0-Quill character that can be used in this season or a future season. This credit can be used for canons and special character types like metamorphmagi and vampires too, so feel free to get creative!

★ Question of the Day
What is your favourite character type on Vault713? Is it a type you want to play, have seen others play, or play all the time? What would you want to see more of on the board?

Happy Roleplaying!
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 #30396  by Kitastrophes
I'd love for everyone to check out this Founders thread featuring Eardwulf being miserable during a rainy day at Hogwarts!

And I think my favourite character type is the standard magical individual, witches/wizards, but I would LOVE to see more hags around the board to join Agatha in being creepy!!!
 #30427  by Susan
I'm going to get everyone to check out this thread with Ezeril in Victorian Era, as it's always cool to spread the love to the eras that may not have as many active characters playing there!

My favourite characters personally are always students, as I work in a school and am fascinated by the minds of children and teenagers.

It would be cool to have more diverse characters across the board though!