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Gotta Get Back To Hogwarts...
...back to witches and wizards and magical beasts
to goblins and ghosts, it's a magical feast!

It's now day seven of our Seven Days of Start of Term! We've had plenty of cool features released already, but we wanted to go out with a bang so we've still got just a few more things up our sleeves! At the end of this post, we'll also recap all our previous announcements just in case you missed something along the way!

★ Clubs & Factions Have Returned!
And we've made a few changes, too! Instead of applying for clubs and factions once per season, you can now apply for them at any time! We've also introduced a few new factions and clubs this time around, including the International Crime Syndicate and Sorcery Scouts! You can view both the clubs and factions lists in the Character Development Corner and apply today!

★ New Business Directory Additions
Just for fun, we've added two canon businesses and one Vault Original business to the directory! Players looking to join a canon business can now be employed by or visit Noltie's Botanical Novelties and the House-Elf Placement Agency, and those who are interested in scouting but don't have student characters can take up a position with Sorcery Scouts. These are available for play right now, so feel free to dive right in!

★ Coding Updates
We've taken some time to make some updates to the way Vault 713 looks and feels--most importantly, we've brought back some old design elements that we've been meaning to bring back for awhile but unfortunately did not have the time or resources to get to. Either way, we've tuned up a few things, changed a few colors and images, and while we may still make some more tweaks in the future we hope you'll enjoy the small changes we've made. If you don't see anything yet, try doing a Hard Refresh on your browser (usually CTRL+F5 on Windows) and/or clear your browser cache.

★ Previous Start of Term Celebration Updates
Day 1: Business Directory Overhaul, Nationality Flags, Status Updates, News Ticker, Post Reactions, Post Tagging, Topic Preview

Day 2: Unfinished Thread Retrieval, Discord DJ Bot, Club 713, September Donor Rewards

Day 3: Build-A-Business Update, Player Bingo, Roleplay Bingo

Day 4: New Skill Certifications

Day 5: Curio Catch-Up, New Business Participation Rewards

Day 6: 48 Hour Character Creation Promotion

Happy Roleplaying!
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 #30572  by Arsene
I am so HYPE about the factions! I'm looking forward to getting my characters into some :)
 #30714  by Aidan
I just want to say that I looooove the fact that there is now a Crime Syndicate.

Everyone who clicks on this announcement! Make sure you go and check out everything they added!There could be a lot of fun stuff if people get their characters involved the different groups