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 #30629  by *Admin Sprinkles
Hello everyone!

Just a quick little update about some errors we are currently aware of and how we are addressing them on the forums:

User Registration Errors: - Due to our software updates made during our pre-September 1 downtime, a strange conflict is happening between our add-on for mentioning other accounts in posts (such as @Name) and the default software notification service. Though we've isolated the error, fixing it is a bit more complicated, so in the mean time we have disabled the @mention feature. Please feel free to use the #mentions channel on Discord until this is working again!

Missing Flag Assignment Field - We're still working on this one! Mentioned in an announcement during our 7 Days of Start of Term, we are having some issues with the "Choose a nationality flag" option not showing up in the user control panel for accounts. While we work on addressing the problem, please use the Account Update Request Form and choose the "Change Account Information or Flag" option.

We apologize for the delays and downtime as related to these issues and hopefully we will be able to get them sorted out in the near future!

Thank you,

Admin Manda & the Vault 713 Staff Team