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Thread Round-Up; Week #1
Looking for more connections or adventures for your characters? Then take a look at our weekly round up of unanswered threads!
The following threads need some love. You never know what storylines might blossom!

Founders Era
(Hogwarts) Rainy Day
  • His plans foiled by rain, Eardwulf the Archer is relegated to reading about offensive spells.

Victorian Era
(London) Of Riches and Gold
  • Sidney Lyon has just returned from an Egyptian expedition and is looking to spend all those wonderful, newly acquired galleons.
(Egypt) What's This?
  • Ezeril Brattle is having a scone in a cafe while she waits for a team of archaeologists to return.

Expedition Era
(London) Tea and Gossip
  • Madeline Grace Montgomery is enjoying a cup of tea and has just finished writing a letter to a possible suitor. She's ready to talk about it with a couple of friends.

Marauder Era
(Hogwarts) Big Dog on Campus
  • With the start of the new term, Meiriona Davies gets ready to tuck into dinner at the Ravenclaw table and ponders her final year at Hogwarts.
(Diagon Alley) Of Days Gone Past
  • In an opposite scenario, Dianne Osgood is having trouble coming to terms with adulthood all while eating some of Florean Fortsecue's signature ice cream.
(Egypt) Exploration Inspires Us
  • Rosalie Chevalier is itching to see a newly discovered spellbook that is on display at the Alexandria Museum.

Golden Era
(Hogwarts) An Unfortunate Invitation
  • Minerva McGonagall has sentenced a few unruly students to detention. Is your character one of the unlucky ones?
(Hogwarts) Magical Beginnings
  • Freshly minted Hufflepuff Harmony Hale has just sat down at her house table after being sorted.
(China) Twisted Fates
  • Kyle Shaw is vacationing and has stopped at a local noodle shop for lunch after a day of exploration.

Reformation Era
(Hong Kong) Something On The Side
  • Luca Balcescu has a meeting in Hong Kong, but that doesn't mean he can't enjoy the sites.
(Illinois) Closing Time
  • After a day of shopping, Artemis Browning is making her way out of the mall and into the Chicago night.
(Winnipeg) The Story of the PSL
  • Camp Counselor Jared Rutherford is enjoying the new fall weather with his favorite drink: a pumpkin spice latte.
(CAW) School Daze
  • Student Nicole Washington is putting in volunteer hours at the student store where a customer just walked in.
(England) Nimbus Extravaganza
  • Broom Racer Artemis Browning is testing a new broom at the Nimbus Broom Company.

Legacy Era
None yet! Why not start a new one here?