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Thread Round-Up; Week #2
Looking for more connections or adventures for your characters? Then take a look at our weekly round up of unanswered threads!
The following threads need some love. You never know what storylines might blossom!

Founders Era
(Hogwarts) Rainy Day
  • His plans foiled by rain, Eardwulf the Archer is relegated to reading about offensive spells.
(Hogwarts) The Runaway
  • Yikes! Student Elswyth read some advanced magic scrolls and is now making an early escape from Hogwarts.

Victorian Era
(London) Of Riches and Gold
  • Sidney Lyon has just returned from an Egyptian expedition and is looking to spend all those wonderful, newly acquired galleons.
(Egypt) What's This?
  • Ezeril Brattle is having a scone in a cafe while she waits for a team of archaeologists to return.

Expedition Era
(London) Tea and Gossip
  • Madeline Grace Montgomery is enjoying a cup of tea and has just finished writing a letter to a possible suitor. She's ready to talk about it with a couple of friends.

Marauder Era
(Hogwarts) Big Dog on Campus
  • With the start of the new term, Meiriona Davies gets ready to tuck into dinner at the Ravenclaw table and ponders her final year at Hogwarts.
(Egypt) Exploration Inspires Us
  • Rosalie Chevalier is itching to see a newly discovered spellbook that is on display at the Alexandria Museum.

Golden Era
(Hogwarts) An Unfortunate Invitation
  • Minerva McGonagall has sentenced a few unruly students to detention. Is your character one of the unlucky ones?
(Hogwarts) Magical Beginnings
  • Freshly minted Hufflepuff Harmony Hale has just sat down at her house table after being sorted.
(China) Twisted Fates
  • Kyle Shaw is vacationing and has stopped at a local noodle shop for lunch after a day of exploration.

Reformation Era
(Hong Kong) Something On The Side
  • Luca Balcescu has a meeting in Hong Kong, but that doesn't mean he can't enjoy the sites.
(Illinois) Closing Time
  • After a day of shopping, Artemis Browning is making her way out of the mall and into the Chicago night.
(Winnipeg) The Story of the PSL
  • Camp Counselor Jared Rutherford is enjoying the new fall weather with his favorite drink: a pumpkin spice latte.
(CAW) School Daze
  • Student Nicole Washington is putting in volunteer hours at the student store where a customer just walked in.
(Iraq) No Remedy for Memory
  • As major operations come to an end, American Bureau employee Alexandra McKinney reflects on the actions in a war-torn country.

Legacy Era
(Scotland) Laurel in the Lake
  • Who knew Luna Lovegood had already solved the Loch Ness Monster mystery?