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Happy Vaultmas!
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens

It's that time of year again (nearly the end!), and Vault is getting ready to trim up and get festivities rolling! Please read the announcement below for updates on downtime, Pumpkin Party rewards, staff activity, and the current donation promotion.

Vault Downtime & Staff Updates
★ This year, Vault downtime starts on the 25th December (Christmas Day). Please ensure you finish and report your threads for archiving before downtime. During this time, the forum with be unavailable until January 2020. The Discord will be open to participate in activities, games, promotions, and more. Announcements and updates will be given via the #Announcements channel on the Vault Discord.

★ As some may or may not know, *Admin Manda is currently suffering from a concussion, meaning that screen time and long periods of concentration are limited. Because of this, updates, events, and features have been/will be delayed whilst we support her recovery.

★ We apologise for delays in receiving quills/rewards. As for many people, this time of year is stressful and busy for the staff team.

Vaultoween 2019: How to Claim Rewards
Please check your PMs for a reward claim form. Active participants of the party can claim their rewards at any time. Those who were active during October 2019 but did not participate have until the end of the season to complete the form. The claim form can also be found here.

Forgot what you won? Take a look at the full list below!
★ 50 Quills
★ 45 Halloween Curios
★ 3 Basic Adept Skill Certifications
★ 2 Special Abilities
★ 2 0 Quill Characters/Reactivations
★ 5 Additional Thread Revivals
★ 1 Customised News/Rumour
★ Add a character to a club immediately
★ Save 3 Characters From Inactivity
★ Create A Micro-Business

Donation Rewards
This month, we are making your Vault holiday wishes come true with the following rewards:

★ Basic Reward: Donating a minimum of $5 will earn each donor a Christmas Wish, whether it's curios, skills certifications, a free character, or even a special ability for a character, we will make your Vault dreams come true.

★ Goal Reward: Each person makes a wild/crazy/outlandish Vault wish. If this goal is reached, we will randomly pick one person's wish and try our very best to make it happen.

Additionally, all donors will receive the following season award for the first time they donate:
Fall 2019 Season Reward: In addition to monthly rewards, all donors this season will receive 1 Fall 2019 Curio for their Curio Cabinet for every $2 they donate, and may add a Skill Certification to any character created during the Fall 2019 season so long as the Certification is claimed before December 25, 2019.

Discord Reminder
★ As a general reminder, please try to remain respectful of others whilst using our Discord. While we don't disallow tagging people, please be aware of timezones when possible.

★ You can help our team by utilising the #Help channel in Discord, or the Help Desk forum for the quickest responses. Please don't DM admins on Discord for Vault-related questions/comments - please use the PM system on the forum if you need to contact an admin directly.

Happy Roleplaying!
Pssst...replying to announcements can earn you Quills and prizes!
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Ejder wrote: 15 Dec 2019, 21:43 Get better soon, Manda!

What is a Christmas and a Vault wish? These rewards sound cool!

I'm very excited to see what activities are in store.
They're basically both the same but different wording. But the basic reward will grant you a realistic wish (such as quills, a certification, curios etc). The goal reward will grant one donor an elaborate gift, that will likely affect the vault as a whole.

Glad to see you're excited!