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Happy New Year!
We're celebrating TEN YEARS as Vault 713, and we're in our 19th year total as a community!
Welcome back! We hope you had great holidays and a Happy New Year! And with a new year comes some fun, games, gifts, and surprises just around the corner, but to kick everything off we want to start by announcing how thrilled we are that 2020 marks the ten year anniversary of us establishing the name Vault 713 way back in 2010. Though our community was formed in 2001, renaming ourselves as Vault 713 really helped our community in an amazing way and we're thrilled to be celebrating that this year...and what better way to celebrate than by establishing a new look for our forum and website that embraces the new while celebrating the "vintage" themes that filled Vault713.com way back in 2010.

Similarly to the renaming theme, we're also delighted to announce that *Admin Manda shall henceforth be known as @*Admin Sprinkles -- you're welcome to still call her Manda if you'd like, but as a move to help embrace anonymity in the digital age she would be thrilled if you'd help embrace her new name too!

As a reminder, threads taking place in fixed timeline forums during this season can be set between December and April. The last day of the season will be April 28, 2020.

The features and updates listed below are just some of the updates we've done this time around, while we've tried to recount them all here it's nearly impossible to cover everything we've done over the past ten days!!!

New Features
We've got a new look! Inspired by member survey results and previous forum styles of yore, we've got a brand new appearance for our forums that features newly repositioned (larger!) avatar images, player statuses displayed right in threads, a staff online bar, a new donation plugin, and more! We'll be updating it with even more features as we go, so be sure to keep an eye out for new things in the coming months!

Our resources have moved "back home!" In order to move toward better, stronger navigation for the entire site and more organization, we've migrated some of our resource library pages and our business directory pages to have a new look as well, similar to older designs of Vault 713. As with the new layout, these will also be updated throughout the coming season!

A new business is available! Just one this season, but it's created by one of our members, @Vyreia ! Please feel free to visit the Business Directory to learn all about Vaska.

Feature Changes
★Main Canon Characters are now playable with altered activity requirements.

★Free Season Character options can now be used for reactivations instead of new characters if you choose

★Character Creation has been merged into a single section and format for both canon characters and original characters

★December Donor's will receive a PM regarding their Vaultmas wishes!

★Donor rewards for January will be announced by the end of the month.

★Now is a great time to refresh yourself on the Rules & Guidelines!

★As always, please remember to be respectful of your fellow players. Kindness is king

Join The Staff Team
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If you'd like to apply to join the staff team and become a Vaultkeeper,
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Happy Roleplaying!
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Congratulations on the naming, Sprinkles, and much love to all staff for the work and effort!

Not quite a wedding, but nonetheless—Happy Tin Anniversary, dearest Vault 713. I am honoured, humbled, and grateful to be privileged to being part of the long journey. Next (mile)stone: Crystal Anniversary!