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Character Creation has Reopened!

It's that time again -- Character Creation has reopened once more! We've made a few changes to the character creation process, so please be sure to read this announcement and pay careful attention before posting your character sheet.

As well, if you haven't read our latest announcement from January 5, be sure to visit the main section of the Bulletin Board to do so now. On with the show!

Character Creation Changes At A Glance

★ The Character Creation Forum now features one merged section for "Character Creation Information" and one merged section for "Create A New Character." You will need to post ALL new characters and character reactivations in the "Create A New Character" forum.

★ Main Canon Characters are now available for play under altered activity requirements. Please read the Character Creation Information forum thoroughly before posting your Canon Character sheet to be sorted.

★ Canon Characters now use the same Character Sheet templates as Original Characters, but we ask that you inform us in the subject line of your character sheet if you are creating a Canon Character or an Original Character.

★ Character Sheet templates for all three formats (Traditional, Detailed, & Freeform) have been updated to include additional OOC and Character Information. Characters posted utilizing old Character Sheet formats will not be sorted and will be treated as an indication that you have not read our newly updated Character Creation information.

Have questions about Character Creation?
Feel free to let us know below or in the Help Desk!