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BBCode & Feedback Updates
Hello, everyone! We have just a few quick updates for you today, featuring a few little things we've been working on behind the scenes that a few of you may be interested in. One thing in particular is we've edited the way some background code processes, so hopefully the Vault will be loading just a pinch faster for most people.

As a quick reminder, the Vault Staff is hiring! We plan to bring on our next batch of new staff members at the end of the month, and one could be you! Please visit our Vault Staff Application Form to apply!

New BBCode Additions
All new BBCode can be found in the BBCode Guide within the template repository.

+ borderbox - Creates a box with a customizable border
+ brickbox - Creates a box with a brick background (like this one!)
+ credits - Creates a collapsible box for crediting others
+ divider - Creates a page break divider with or without decoration

+ New Handwriting Fonts: handwriting5, handwriting6, handwriting7, handwriting8, handwriting9, handwriting10

+ New Cursive Fonts: cursive2, cursive3, cursive4, cursive5, cursive6, cursive7, cursive8, cursive9, cursive10

+ New Special Fonts: mystical, retro, elegant, noir, upbeat, kidwizard, brushed, groovy, hipster, peaceful

+ Admin Nick's BBCode Help Thread is now available to assist with coding troubles

+ The column BBcodes have been disabled due to conflicts with existing code

New & Updated Feedback Forms

+ The Suggestion Box has reopened for the current season

+ Our newly added Bug Report Form is available for reporting any surprise issues