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 #35489  by Announcements
Staff Changes, Software Updates,
& a Little Something Special
Hello, everyone! We have some quick announcements for you today, starting with some Staff Updates. Admin Izzy is stepping down to spend more time with her remaining limbs. Everyone be sure to thank Izzy for all of her hard work over these past several years. She has been instrumental in keeping this site up and running!

We'd also like to welcome Fae to the Staff Team as our newest Vaultkeeper! We look forward to having you on the team!

And in case you think you might have missed your chance, the Vault Staff is still hiring! If you've ever wanted to give back to our community, your time and assistance is a great way to do so! Please visit our Vault Staff Application Form to apply!

Temporarily Unavailable Features
Due to a critical software update necessary for the security of the site, some of our favorite features are currently unavailable. The Account Switcher, using BBCode in Profile Fields, and country flags are not currently working, but we hope to have them back up as soon as possible!

Anonymous Report Form

+ Our newly added Anonymous Report Form is available for reporting any inappropriate behavior, no matter the perpetrator, whether it is on the forum or on the Discord server.

A New Business Appears!

+ And last but not least, introducing our latest addition the the Business Directory, the Japanese Ministry of Magic! Make your next character a powerful magistrate or an employee in the mysterious Department 4!
 #35490  by Vyreia
Best of luck to you Izzy, thank you for all your hard work!

Welcome aboard Fae, it's great to have you on the team! We'd definitely love some more people too as it's a great way to make Vault bigger and better.

Also, yaaaaaaaaaaaas, Japanese Ministry! <3 <3
 #35499  by Ejder
Ah, that's too bad. Take care of your limbs, Izzy! Hope to still catch you around, and thanks for your work! :D Congratulations, Fae!

Japanese Ministry is super exciting! Wonder what depaertment their Aurors are hiding at! Can't wait to see what happens there!

Also, while it may not be a sparkly, jazz hands kind of exciting, I'm glad there is the Anonymous Report Form! Thank you!

And thanks all the staff for the hard work!