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Resources for Isolating Together
Hello everyone!
These are some pretty weird times we are living in, there’s no denying that! As more and more people find themselves either at home or unable to participate in other hobbies due to isolation or government restrictions, we wanted to take the time to reinforce a few existing guidelines and bring up some things that we think will help everyone during quarantine time. First and foremost, we have a couple of very important links we’d love for you to review.

+ If you haven’t lately, now is a great time to read over the Official Vault 713 Rules & Guidelines to make sure you are familiar with what is and isn’t allowed here at the Vault. If you need clarification on something, feel free to use the Help Desk or the #help channel in Discord.

+ Please be aware of the usual Posting & Community Etiquette suggestions we have made available when posting and planning your threads. We plan to update this document in the near future to include some of the content from this post.

+ We have a number of Self Help Resources available for those who may be struggling during this difficult time. Your Vault family is here for you too, but we are not equipped to deal with real life crisis situations and you may find it best to turn to outside resources.

Isolation and the Internet: Posting During Quarantine
For some of you, you may find that you have seemingly infinite time to plot and roleplay while stuck at home without school or work. For others, however, this may not be the case. We’ve put together a few tips on surviving this strange new world while maintaining the most respect for your fellow players. Please note that these suggestions could be valid outside of pandemic situations as well, we just feel they are especially important right now!

+ Remember that not everyone has free time. Many of our players are working from home or have other responsibilities at home such as children or family they must take care of. Not everyone will have unlimited roleplaying time depending on their circumstances.

+ Online doesn’t always mean available. Even though it may seem like more players are online than ever, many members of our community are still busy, as mentioned before. Please remember to give people space in Discord, both publicly and via private message, and consider asking if they are actually available to chat or plot before launching into a discussion.

+ Friendship and plotting are both a two way street! In the past, many players have reported feeling heightened anxiety when a roleplaying partner only contacts them to ask for threads or pressure them to post. Consider taking some time to see how your friends are doing, ask about their lives, and see what they need for characters or plots to help spread the love.

+ Isolation stress is real – give your brain and your friends a break! Many people are currently experiencing high levels of stress due to being completely alone or being stuck with people they don’t want to spend 24/7 with all the time. We recommend giving your online friends a little extra space if they need it and also suggest taking some time to turn off the internet for a while. It’s scary to go offline sometimes, but it can be great to give your brain a rest!

+ Avoid volunteering others for plots or characters. This is true all the time, but we find it to be extra important right now where many people are feeling uncertain about their availability to post. Always ask your fellow players before you suggest character ideas to them or before volunteering them to post with another player, do not volunteer someone for a plot without their permission.

+ Practice courtesy and kindness as much as you can. Now more than ever, it is important to be kind and courteous to your fellow players. Keep in mind that others may not feel up to roleplaying due to outside stress and anxieties, be patient with those who you are waiting to thread with, and just generally be kind to others. You never know what they are going through on the other side of the screen!