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Spring Season Changes
Hello everyone! Just a short and sweet little announcement today -- first things first we want to thank Fae for all her help on the Vaultkeeper team, as she has decided to step down for the time being. We have seen we've gotten a few new staff applications in and will be addressing those within the next week or so, but as a reminder the Vault Staff is still hiring! If you've ever wanted to give back to our community, your time and assistance is a great way to do so! Please visit our Vault Staff Application Form to apply!

Season Activity Changes
Typically our Winter-Spring season ends on April 28th, which will be no different this year -- but given the current circumstances and the general stress levels everyone seems to be holding, we are going to be making some temporary changes to our activity requirements for this season, which are as follows:

+ All activity requirements for original characters with duplicate careers will be waived for this season and characters will not be made inactive. This includes most characters who do not hold specific one-character-only positions such as Minister of Magic or Hogwarts Headmaster.

+ Original characters that hold one-character-only positions such as Minister of Magic will need to have posted at least once between January 1 and May 15, 2020 to retain their position. If they have not posted this season, they will be removed from the position but not made inactive.

+ Canon character activity requirements are intended to be addressed each season based on the previous season's activity levels for original characters. We still plan to do this as normal, but we will not be enforcing activity requirements for March 2020, and for April 2020 will require one post during the month of April for canon characters to remain active.

+ On May 1, we will archive all threads that have not seen activity since before March 1 rather than cleaning up from the whole season. We feel this adequately accounts for distinguishing between threads that have been affected by the global pandemic and those that have just been abandoned early on.

+ On May 31, we will archive all threads that have not seen activity since before April 1, to allow the season turnover to continue in a relatively normal way.

+ Our Spring/Summer 2020 Season that typically runs from May to August will end in August as usual, with a date to be determined.

Quick Creativity Fest Update!
If you're rushing to head over to the Creativity Fest Forum you've still got time! We've extended the event through Monday, April 6th, 2020 to allow time for everyone to finish up their creative works. Thank you so much to all of our participants!