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Spring Season Reminders
Hello everyone! We would like to take the opportunity to offer some reminders!

Staff Changes
We would like to announce that Izzy will be returning to staff as an admin, so if you see her lurking about on her admin account, that will be why ;)

We have seen we've gotten a few staff applications in and will be addressing those shortly, but as a reminder the Vault Staff is still hiring! If you've ever wanted to give back to our community, your time and assistance is a great way to do so! Please visit our Vault Staff Application Form to apply!

Downtime Reminder
As a reminder to all members, Vault will still be having its scheduled downtime on the 28th of April. Please ensure you read the last announcement for details on this downtime's activity check alterations, changes to archiving inactive threads, and how this may affect your characters and stories.

Please note that these alterations are only for the Spring Downtime 2020. The Summer/Fall Downtime will have the original activity requirements and archiving procedures in place.