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Welcome Back!
Things may be different, but that won't stop us celebrating these summer nights
Welcome back! The wait is finally over, and we have some incredible revelations for you guys; we've been working on new features, updating current resources, and we may even have a couple more secret projects for the coming season ;)

But first, we'd love to welcome TheTiniestPanda to the staff team! We're extremely happy to have you and can't wait to see what magic you can work on Vault!

Below, we've listed the major additions, changes, and reminders - so read on, brave travellers!

New Features
New Player Handbook - The new player handbook has been updated and now includes a step-by-step guide to creating an account. This can be found here or via Resource Library >> Community Guides & Resources

Non-Magical Certifications - That's right! We added non-magical skills & certifications, which can be found here or via Resource Library >> Feature Guides & Resources

Business Directory Search Function - We added a search function to our business directory so you can now find businesses by era, location, and category

Skills & Abilities Displayed in Posts - Skills & abilities are now visible under avatars in the fixed timeline forums

Seasonal Bingo - The new player and roleplaying bingos have been posted for Summer 2020, you can check them out here

Crowd-sourcing characters - We have decided to ask our community to help create some amazing Vault Adoptables for this season, which will be posted within the next week. If you still haven't submitted your ideas, you can do so here

Feature Changes
Restructured Resource Library - By popular request, we have re-organised the resource library. We have added forum descriptions, added a location for all forms/reporting/suggestions and feature guides, and have also made skills & certifications easier to get to

Forms Condensed - The anonymous report form, bug report form, and suggestion box have been condensed into one form which can be found via Resource Library >> Forms, Reporting, & Suggestions

Quills Distribution - Starting from the 1st of May, all quills awarded from events, promotions, and threads will be sent directly to players' OOC accounts

New Featured Era - Victorian Era is the new featured era; threads completed in this era will receive additional rewards

May 31st Archiving - All threads without replies after March 1st will be archived

Unfinished Thread Reporting - If you would like to complete a thread that has been archived, please use the report feature (remember that members of Club713 will receive additional unfinished story slots)

Posting Etiquette - Due to continued circumstances, we are continuing to exercise posting etiquette guidelines, which are outlined in this previous announcement

BBCode in 'Played By' Section - Unfortunately, the BBCode in the OOC name/played by area of character accounts are still non-functional. Because of this, staff may remove broken codes from accounts if they are causing post overlay issues, though you are welcome to remove codes yourself

Join The Staff Team
Do you want to help Vault be the best that can be? Do you want to help us to help you? Why not join the staff team?

If you'd like to apply to join the staff team and become a Vaultkeeper,
please use this form!

Happy Roleplaying!
Pssst...replying to announcements can earn you Quills and prizes!
 #38072  by Ejder
Aaaaaaaah super cool stuff! Shiny new Panda mod! Hope you like it!

I am so stoked about non magical skills! Aksel's time to shine! Also excited about crowd-sourcing characters! And honestly super glad about quills going to the OOC account, I think it makes more sense!

Really excited about everything, guys! Great work, you guys! Thank you!
 #38082  by Peyton
I am totally excited about the non-magical skills and skills/abilities being shown in posts! And happy about the reorganization also. I love organizing things!

I'm gonna try really hard to do a bingo this season too.
 #38088  by Lilly
So many wonderful things with this update! Well wishes to TheTiniestPanda , whom I'm sure will do a fantastic job !

I think the Non-Magical Certifications are a fantastic addition to Vault. I'm curious to see what certifications people choose.

Also, I've loved how user friendly Vault has always been and with the Feature Changes it will be even more so.

BIG THANK YOU to the Vault Staff and all it's members for maintain the magic and wonder of the forums.
 #38096  by Arsene
This is all great stuff. I really love how organized the Resource Library looks now!
 #38101  by Vyreia
I'm so excited for all the things! Especially the non-magical certifications!

Also, welcome Panda! We're super happy to have you!