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✿ Mini-Content Announcement ✿

Happy Sunday! We're back again with a couple of amaaaazing new shiny things!

★ The Summer 2020 Community Event, #Share-The-Little-Things, has now been launched! Check it out and jump in!

★ Thank you to all the participants of the crowd-sourcing event! Thanks to you, there are now fourteen incredible new characters up for adoption! You can take a look at these splendid creations here

★ Character creation is now open, so get your quills out and post those sheets!

★ If you'd like to add a floral finish to your posts, profiles, or stories, be sure to check out the Template Repository for some inspiration this season! There's also help threads available for anyone wanting an extra hand in the code-making-biz!

Happy Roleplaying!
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 #38124  by Vyreia
The characters created from the crowd-sourcing are awesome!

I'm also excited for the community event!