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 #38743  by *Admin Sprinkles
And We're Back!
Oh my gosh, hello! We're back!

For those of you who might missed the last announcement, we were having some severe issues with loading the Vault that were affecting all members and staff, so it was time for a bit of cleanup. Usually these announcements come from the whole staff, but since I am the one who primarily addresses technical and hosting issues, I decided to make the previous announcement and this one from me directly to help better explain the who and what of fixing server problems.

A Few Quick Notes
After this, I will explain what was done during the downtime, but as we ease ourselves back into activity and make sure that everything is still running well we will not be sorting characters for returning players until Friday, May 29th. Any brand new players are welcome to create your OOC accounts, and we'll begin sorting characters for brand new players again on Thursday, May 28.

As well, typically during downtime we do not allow staff members to post on the forums out of fairness to other players. During the past few days we have made an exception for the sake of testing how the forum is behaving and whether or not the server is loading things or interpreting content being written to the database. As a result we also have some great new OOC discussions for you to join, so be sure to check those out!

So what happened during the downtime?
+ As explained in the previous announcement, we first blocked out everyone from the site to see how it loaded with no one on it. This wasn't going so well, so I dug in to some of the more dust-covered parts of our code and databases to see where the problem was, and also had our host run a report to find any pages that were slowing things down.

+ Special extensions were installed on the main website portion of the Vault and on the forums themselves. As well, we tweaked some security settings to make extra sure that bots were kept out but regular people could be let in.

+ After all this was done, we were still having some trouble, so I spoke with our host and purchased a server migration so that the Vault could be moved to what could basically be described as a new computer, with the hope that our software and database version would be more compatible with something a bit newer.

+ And guess what, it worked! At least we think it worked. Unfortunately, it's very hard to test how everything will work without everyone back on board all at once, but now that we are reopening we will get to see for sure if everything is working right for everyone. So far with our staff tests though, many of our staff members have reported faster load times than ever and we have seen almost zero errors over the past 48 hours.

We will continue to monitor the situation and I personally have been keeping open our server-side data reporting nonstop so that I can see how things are going, but hopefully this should solve the issues we have been having throughout the past few months and everyone can post a lot faster...if you want to. We won't make you. Sometimes a good thread takes time. ;)

As always, keep an eye on the bulletin board for updates and new features... you never know what might pop up!

Happy roleplaying,
Admin Sprinkles & the Vault 713 Staff Team
 #38744  by Ejder
YAY! I'm so glad the Vault is back! :D

Thank you so much Sprinkles for explaining everything that went into this downtime! I'm not saying I understood all of it, but it's really great that you have kept us in the loop!

I can't wait to get back into it! Thank you for being on top of things and making this such a great place!