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πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆMini-Content AnnouncementπŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

Happy June! We have some exciting news and some fun little updates (as well as some important information). Be sure to read through all points, and direct any questions to the helpdesk or the #help channel on Discord!

β˜… Donor Reward: Every person who donates $5 or more will receive a basic certification or ability to give to any character! Those who donate over $15 will receive an additional basic certification or ability, plus some curios!

β˜… Archiving: Due to the maintenance downtime, we have decided not to archive any threads without a reply after April. Any threads from the past season will, instead, be archived with all threads from this season at the end of August

β˜… Discord Changes: The following changes have been made to the community Discord;
β€’ #tabletop-talk & #video-game-chat have been moved to the 'Just For Fun' category
β€’ #playby-talk has been renamed to #playby-help to define its purpose better
β€’ #thread-ideas has been renamed to #thread-prompts
β€’ The 'Wizards Unite' category has been removed due to lack of use

β˜… Pride Event: It's Pride Month! Until the 30th of June, all threads completed and reported revolving around pride celebrations will receive double rewards. This applies to all eras and the sandbox. Here's what you need to do;
β€’ Include πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ or 🌈 in your title
β€’ Focus your thread around pride celebrations, some ideas include: attending a pride march, attending an LGBTQA+ party, a wedding, etc
β€’ Have fun!

β˜… Add A Bit of Colour: In-keeping with our Pride Celebrations, we'd like to encourage you to add a little colour to your posts! Add emojis, templates, rainbow titles (a great rainbow bbcode maker can be found here), and spread the love! - Please note that if you do decide to use rainbow texts, it may be a little hard to see at times, so try it with a white background or add an ooc note to help your fellow members!

β˜… Share-The-Little-Things: We are still continuing our OOC event. As the boards are back online, all further themes will be posted in this forum

Happy Roleplaying!
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Ejder wrote: ↑01 Jun 2020, 16:48 I'm still a bit confused about the archival bit: do threads that haven't been replied to before April still get archived, or do we still have time to finish those?
As stated in the announcement, we have decided not to archive any threads without a reply after April, meaning that even if your thread's last reply was before April, it will not be archived. All threads will be archived in August.

Please refer all other questions to the helpdesk or #help channel, as requested at the top of the announcement.