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Changes to Character Creation, Quills, & Seasons

The following feature & rule changes will be in effect as of January 10, 2021.
Please visit our full announcement for information on how and when this will be rolled out,
and when character creation will be reopening.

Season Changes
★ We will continue to have 3 seasons/year: January to April, May to August, and September to December
★Threads that have not been completed in TWO seasons will be archived
★ Threads that have been archived can still be unarchived for completion
★ Rewards will be distributed based on how many seasons it takes to complete a thread (outlined in the Quills section below)
Character Creation Changes
★ Sorted active characters will now be "Verified Timeline Characters"

★ Inactive and Retired characters are now "Casual Play Characters"

★ Players can now create characters as they would like without requiring approval to post. These characters will be open to play within 24 hours of posting a character sheet and will be marked as Casual Play Characters. Casual play characters can post in both the Sandbox and the Fixed Timeline Forums.

★ If you would like to hold a high-level position, major canon character, or want to participate in additional features, your character will need to be Verified. You can verify a character once per month at no cost, or at any time for 15 Quills. Characters will stay verified until they are not active for one year, at which point they will be returned to Casual Play status.

★ Casual Play Characters can be verified by using the "report" button on the original character sheet, and they will be sorted and verified within 48 hours. This will be the same as our traditional sorting process.

★ For a character to be Verified it must meet all of the previous requirements for active characters: it may not hold a job that is already held by another character (unless multiples of the same position are available), the character history and details must make sense, etc.
Casual Play Characters
★ Can be created at any time, must adhere to the forum rules
★ Does not wait to be sorted to be able to play, only needs to wait to be confirmed as a real player and not a spam bot
★ May not hold single-position jobs (Minister For Magic, Department Heads, etc)
★ May not be major canon characters (Voldemort, Dumbledore, Harry Potter, etc)
★ Can post in any roleplaying section
★ Can be edited as needed if a character feature (age, job, etc) is not working for you
★ Does not earn Quills
★ Cannot earn Skill Certifications or Special Abilities
★ Cannot create a business
★ May be deleted after 1 year if the player is not otherwise active on the forums
Verified Timeline Characters
★ Casual Play Characters can be verified immediately after creation OR at any point after creation, including if an extended period of time has passed
★ Characters can be verified once a month at no cost, or at a cost of 15 Quills if you have already verified a character that month
★ Can earn Quills for posting
★ Can earn Skill Certifications or add Special Abilities
★ Can create businesses to add to the Business Directory
★ Can participate in era-specific special events
★ Can be selected as a featured character during spotlight activities
Quills & Story Completion Rewards Changes
★ New players will no longer receive Quills for joining, since the barrier for creating multiple characters has been removed
★ Quills will now be awarded for Completed Stories only to Verified Timeline Characters
★ Rewards for Completed Stories will now be as follows:
  • Completed in 3 Seasons: 1 Quill
  • Completed in 2 Seasons: 2 Quills
  • Completed in 1 Season: 3 Quills
★ Quill costs for Skill Certifications, Special Abilities, Business Creation, and other features will be updated by May 2021, or by the conclusion of our current season. We will publish a complete list within the next few weeks including new features to spend Quills on.