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"These are dark times, there is no denying..."
Scrimgeour said it first, but we're feeling it in the real world and we know you are too!

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 #5246  by Announcements
Hello, all!

Just a friendly reminder that the end of the season will be coming up on April 28. At that time, all fixed timeline threads that have not been completed will be locked and archived so that we can begin the summer season. We encourage you to attempt to post on each of your characters that you plan on keeping active so that we can make sure our records are up to date, and fill out the account update request. We are also aware that people do not often read announcements, so for April 1st if you reply to this announcement with something serious sounding about the end of the season, we will send you some extra quills just for fun. All dates in this announcement are, however, extremely important so please pay close attention.

Additionally, please know that the forums will be offline for April 29 & 30 as we reset for the new season. The Discord will still be available during this time.

If you have any further questions regarding the changeover of seasons, please feel free to visit the Help Desk.

Happy April!
 #5272  by Alatariel
I will leave, never to return. dun, dun, dun