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Character Creation Returns (& Other News!)
Hello, Vault 713!

As promised, Character Creation has reopened for the Summer 2018 season. Thank you for your patience over the last week, as we often need a little bit of time to make sure everything is shipshape before we can begin entering new characters into our system. As you can imagine, a lot goes on behind the scenes each time a character is created, so we want to be fully prepared for that!

With that in mind, please remember that there may be a slight delay beyond our usual sorting times this week as our staff attempts to keep up with the influx of characters created for the new season. We do anticipate that by the end of the week, however, we'll be back on our normal schedule. As always, we'd also like to remind you that characters are not currently being sorted on weekends due to staff availability.

And a few reminders...

  • Want to get sorted quickly? Utilize the Character Workshop, be sure to read through all of the requirements for character creation, and fill out your sheet completely and correctly the first time. The number one reason we see people having to wait for sorting is because they skipped over something important or disregarded a rule. Save yourself the time and get playing faster by reading over everything thoroughly before you post your character sheet.

    And when in doubt, the Character Workshop is a great opportunity to get feedback from staff (and your fellow players!) while you're working on a character so you can make sure that it gets sorted right away once you're ready.

  • Mess up on a post? Try reporting or editing before you hit that delete button! Deleting posts not only clutters up our database, but also clutters the forum with things that the staff has to sift through to make sure we're keeping on top of things. It's okay if you really need to delete a post, but try these helpful tips before you do so just in case:

    • Posted in the wrong spot? Report the post and a staff member can move it for you, whether it's an individual post or a whole thread.
    • Posted on the wrong character? Report the post and a staff member can change the account that's on the post.
    • Write your post all wrong? Edit it and change what you wrote. You can always PM your fellow players to let them know you're doing it!
    • Not sure you wanna start a thread? Use the Save draft button while creating a new post or thread to save it for later, you can always post it or delete the draft if you change your mind.
Don't forget!
  • Check out our new Donation Rewards for this season.
  • The Plot Calendar and staff applications will be available within the next week or two.
  • Skill Certifications & Special Abilities will return by the end of this season or at the beginning of next season. We apologize for the delay.
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...okay, I'm just gonna... *leaves*
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I am SO EXCITED for my potential characters this season! At least one of them has been in the planning books for a couple of seasons now...................