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 #40194  by Shiro Takayama
The back of his house wasn't all gardens, deeper back heading into the woods there was testing sights and training grounds. As he stood watching magical bombs being set up, carefully making sure the size was enough to practice but not to cause attention and or damage the wind blew his hair to the left, footsteps coming up to him. He knew those footsteps.
"What it is Kawazaki, what to see the firework show or is there news on the russian case?" He asked turning slightly.

Instead of just Kawazaki he saw two others. Rokuro and what he suspected was Mark Green...an older, meaner looking Mark Green than the one he'd seen two years ago with Genesis and his family in one of the few times he'd seen them together.
"Mr. Green....So the information was right." He didn't turn back. "How'd you make it out? All those burnt bodies and yet....you seemed to make it to the floo?" He then turned.

"My name is Takayama Shiro, Oyabun of the Nakamura-shi Mahou Yakuza...but I'm assuming you already knew that seeing as you've met with Mr. Batsu." He stepped forward, looking towards Kawazaki.

"How'd you get him past security?"
 #40195  by Hiro Kawazaki
He'd seen one too many fireworks, in fact he'd kept the necks on a few men's heads once they hit the house...no he was not here for that. He was however pleased that Shiro was looking at the set up of them, saved him the work of saving those beginners.
"No new news on Russia..." He paused, then looked towards the two who he'd saved from a few of the men about to act on taking out anyone uninvited. "But I do have a couple refugees I just saved from the front lawn." He added.

"The security was about to learn what a very old vampire can do, that's how." He mused, because it hadn't been them he saved...in reality it had been their own men.
"I'll go finish those reports-" He bowed, hearing a cough from Shiro.
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While the house wasn't as old as the box's, he still felt out of place with the age of the palace like house. The man himself was 4'9, looked around his age but had the attitude of your typical 50 year old Japanese grandfather...or a 40 year old war lord with no tact, if he had to go by the body count comment...Before he could mouth off however he felt the hand on his shoulder. Rokuro was warning him to keep quiet.

'Come one' He heard the man say lightly the two walking past the gardens into the back sliding door right out of the garden. Walking down the hallways, he looked at the decorated walls, paintings and gold plated bamboo and Japanese flower wallpaper on the walls leading to the office lined with plated gold and dragons guarding the doors on the inside.

Suddenly he realized Mr. Takayama wasn't simple a pain in ones neck. He was the broom that hit you and gave you that pain in your neck. Given his situation even the muscle, fighting loving side of the two was stepping a little closer to the vampire. When the Japanese man raised his eyebrow, he cleared his throat.
"Mr. Takayama...this situation isn't one I agreed to...surely there is something we can do to fix this?" For once his words were tiny in his throat.
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Lighting up, he sat down behind his desk the smoke filling the room. Crossing his leg he raised his eyebrow, the boy going from mean to timid....but not pitiful. He wondered who was present for a moment, though once the boy spoke with no stuttering he realized it had really been Markus who quieted down his temper.
"Mr. Green...Mr. Batsu made a deal I simply honored it." He paused, while he was a monster he wasn't an utter monster.
"Genesis adopted you for a reason, I do believe it has to do with your father? Mr. Batsu is genuine in his need for family. He seems to want to make right Genesis's past goals. I see no problem, in fact...this outcome might actually help you...and you want nothing to do with it?" He asked.
 #40199  by Markus Green
Was he imagining it...or did the vampire look hurt? Honestly this whole night...no the past two days had been utterly confusing and even emotionally damaging. However, Mr. Takayama hadn't been wrong about why Genesis had adopted Mark. That didn't mean he wanted to be handed to a vampire though.
"The Batsu family has done nothing but Make Mark's life more complicated. I have a school expecting me back in England and a life in England. I don't belong in japan." He reasoned. "I think both you and Mr. Batsu in the opportunity, but I might decline." He really wanted to scream this had been a kidnapping, but given the fact this man had many men around him ready to attack at command...he had chosen politeness.
 #40200  by Shiro Takayama
"Well I cant disagree with that." He muttered agreement when it came to Genesis. It wasn't only Mark that had felt the blow, Yoru was gone. He was now forced to run an organization that he hadn't planned on taking on for many years. But it had already been done,
"I think anyone in this house would agree you don't belong in Japan, but that's not what this current deal with Mr. Batsu was about." He said simply.

"I can't allow you to go back to that house just yet, the backlash on me and my men would be bad enough to shut us down." He tapped his claws on the desk. "I can allow you back to school...if that's really where you want to go. That's if...you take an unbreakable vow to mention nothing of my organization or the events of this night." He explained, standing up taking out a file.

"You can mention the adoption, your new father...but my name, my organization and anyone name you've heard while here will be off limits. As will how the adoption came to be. Is that understood?" He put the file down on the table. Mark's file.
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"Mr. Takayama. This isn't right, you get that right?" He about slammed his hand on the desk. He wasn't even talking about the comments of him being in Japan. He was livid at the idea that he was going to have to take an unbreakable vow to just go to a death eater infested school.
"I'm a human, I have rights!" He nearly screamed.
 #40202  by Shiro Takayama
"Oh that you do, Mr. Green." He leaned back in his chair. "I haven't said you had to return now did I? I'm not making you come back. I did my job, I gave him a chance to have you as his son. The vow simply means you won't be able to mention the Yakuza nothing more." He reasoned, the vampire looking sour. Sighing Shiro knew he had to at least try to reason with Markus. It was the vampires work that gave him those locations, but he wasn't about to force the boy to come back once his information safe either.

"Give it a week Mr. Green." He said lightly, " Rokuro isn't connected to Genesis's deal, he means well and I think he'd treat you well. This is a request, not an order. Give the man one chance to give Mark a good home...if it doesn't work out? Well, you don't have to come back."
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'just yet, Markus he was meaning without the vow.' Mark told him, correcting Markus's rash reaction. True, the methods were jarring, and Mark had felt the emotional impact but he also was still calm enough to note Shiro's wording. 'just yet' meant that Shiro wanted to protect his own butt before he let them go.
"So I don't have to return." He confirmed, Shiro nodding.

"Well Mark, your the original host so to speak...It's your choice." He really didn't want to be around the vampire, but at the end of the day he was the protector. It was Marks choice.
'He seems sad, Markus...' Markus scoffed, "And?" Mark sighed. 'And...we should give him a chance...but...' Markus nodded.

"Why this method?"
 #40204  by Rokuro no Batsu
"I'm a vampire, a drifter no less. The chance of me passing a proper adoption would be so low there would be no reason trying." Rokuro explained, hoping it would help his case and get both the boy's to give him a chance. He was grateful to Shiro for backing him up.

"I really do mean well Markus. I meant no ill will." He smiled. "The last thing I expected was for them to be rough." He added. "It wasn't meant to seem like a...well...you know." He didn't want to even suggest the word.
 #40205  by Shiro Takayama
Rough...Shiro leaned back further into his chair rubbing his eyes.
"They were rough because they were bitten...literally..." He mused. "Honestly, Markus...they did explain the situation when they found you did they not?" He had thought the boy smart.

"A vampire isn't a person in the eyes of the law...no matter what the ministry likes to tell you. It's all lies." He explained. "Rokuro's rooting himself near me, and I don't like the Batsu family. Give him a chance." He stood. "In the meantime....have we agreed to do that vow?" He asked, pausing. "As agreed only pertaining to my organization."
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Sure...he'd gotten an explanation. Once already in the car, thinking back he did remember footsteps heading towards the room. 'they were rushed.' Mark finished his thought process. "That makes it all the better doesn't it Mark?" He nearly growled.

The vampire did seem to have regrets, Markus having to listen to Marks reasoning.
"We'll do the vow....as long as it only includes your fancy little organization." He agreed knowing that it was the only way he was walking out of that office.

"One week Mr. Batsu." He looked towards the vampire. "One week..." Turning to Shiro. "And I never want to see you again."
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"So far so..." He paused the candle light flickering on his desk. "Good." He finished as he processed the fact he'd just been called. Blowing out the candle he closed the door to his office he entered Shiro's only to find the two he hadn't planned to see again staring right at him.
"If it's not the hand biter..." His tone unamused.

"Is my head in danger or...."