A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #40209  by Shiro Takayama
"Your heads fine..." He stood in front of his desk. Shinji had been rough, but for a good reason. His men's life was honestly his top priority, though he didn't show it too well.
"I just need a little spell done that I am sadly apart of." He looked towards Markus. "My part of it will be the promise allowing you to stay there should you wish not to stay with Mr. Batsu. I will also promise no one of my organization will contact you for reasons of 'kidnapping' you again...though it wasn't meant to be such..." He raised an eyebrow.
"That work for you?"
 #40213  by Markus Green
'Hey blondie...' He thought, Mark sighing. The quieter man was glad the other hadn't said that outloud. He watched as the blonde went further into the room after figuring out what was going on.
"Yeah, That'll be fine." His voice short.

"Lets just get this over with." He held out his arm, focusing on the albino male.
 #40214  by Shinji Ishikawa
Somewhere deep inside him a breath of relief was felt, knowing Shiro's attitude on the customer. On the other hand...he was trying to understand why Shiro was doing this and not just letting the kid deal with the situation on his own. It had been the vampires doing after all, not theirs. Still he stepped into the room taking his wand out of casing that was connected to his belt.
"Join hands then." He already knew the spell Shiro wanted, there was one main spell his boss did with customers. There had been one main spell Yoru had done with his.

"Tightly, We don't need it breaking." He added, watching as Shiro joined hands with Mr. Green. "Do you Markus and Mark Green promise to not mention the Yakuza, the events of tonight or any names associated to the organization unless talking directly to a member of this organization or Mr. Rokuro No Batsu?" He asked, the light from the spell wrapping around both of their arms.
 #40215  by Markus Green
'They covered everything...' The revenge side of Markus bit back the notion he'd really not be to get them in trouble. Not without risking his life, still he had no choice if he was to go back to school. Back to England, as part of him really was wondering if he'd really try giving the vampire a full chance. The other Part was dead set on returning to England without a seconds thought.
"We Promise to uphold the promises mentioned," He sealed his fate on getting proper revenge. The force of the magic buzzed stronger for a second, Shinji opening his mouth to continue Shiro's side of the promise.
 #40216  by Shinji Ishikawa
He could see the look of dismay on the boy's face, a smirk on his lips.
"And do you Takayama Shiro promise to not stop Mr. Green from returning and staying in England should he choose to? Do you promise that there should be no attempt by this organization to bring him back to Japan by force no matter what the situation?" He asked. This would cut all ties from their protection order...which worked out for them.
'This just means we can leave the child on his own accord from now on...' He thought. That's exactly what most wanted in the first place.
 #40217  by Shiro Takayama
He nodded, ignoring any expressions given by either of them his blue eyes focused on Mark and Mark alone.
"I Takayama Shiro agree to withhold the promises given here today." The spell snapped over, the contract done. Taking his hand back he calmly walked back behind his desk and grabbed the file on the table.

"This will be of not use to us now." He handed Shiro's file back to him, keeping hold of it for a second. "But know we are no longer and will no longer be in a position to step in and help if Jiang comes for you. Youve 'be made sure of that." He let the file go.
 #40218  by Rokuro no Batsu
Stepping up, he took the file from the two of them. He'd never seen that spell actually preformed...it was rare in the wizarding world as it meant death if broken. In their culture the threat of dishonoring your family was usually enough. In his opinion the colors had been to pure for such a deadly spell, but he'd keep that comment to himself.
"If Jiang comes back, I'm sure I can handle it when it comes to Mr. Green...I'm sure if I asked..."
 #40219  by Shiro Takayama
Still looking at Mark, his hand now empty and in his pocket he felt shinji's smirk. Shinji knew what he was about to say.
"I'd tell you no. Mr. Green's made it very clear he wants all ties cut. That includes our aid." He said simply. "If that's all you both can leave." The albino said, stepping behind his desk.
"Shinji will allow you safe leave."
 #40220  by Markus Green
'All ties cut'...that seemed about right, Shiro's words effecting him in ways he wouldn't admit. Sure, he was angry but if it was Shiro keeping the vampire who killed his family at bay...Mark's heart dropped into his chest as well, Markus could feel it. Still, what was done was done and there was no turning back ones an unbreakable vow was made was there?

He was still wondering if he'd really come back to Japan...but now he was wondering if coming back was actually in his best interest. Shiro was no longer an ally. He hadn't even realized Shiro had been, and now there was only one. The vampire standing beside him holding his personal file. For once in his life he was speechless as Shinji coughed indicating it was time to go.
 #40221  by Shinji Ishikawa
He watched as they both followed speechless, It seemed to him this vampire seemed that the Shiro's dislike for the Chinese vampire would override the fact he'd just been heavily insulted by the notion he meant harm to either of them in Markus's mind. Not only was the kid not part of their group and or social standing, but he was also quite mouthy...at least until he was informed his life was now in a vampires hand he'd just met that night.

Walking past the hall of paintings and to the main door, the buggy in sight as he opened the door he gave them one last nod.
"Mr. Kawazaki informed the guards to let you go without incident...have a good night you two." He said watching them leave. As he shut the door he gave one last smirk before returning to his work.