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 #40324  by Shiro Takayama
"And by the definition of human standers so am I!" He said louder than he should have into the dark forest. "But I never got the cozy chance to be one, and if I can do what I do...they can step up and help themselves can they not?!" He glared into the eyes of the vampire. "I'm not asking them to kill or torture like I was asked to do. I'm asking them to defend themselves and help me stop what's happening." He finished, walking up to Mark he looked down.

"So, are you willing to pull up you boot straps and act like a man, work with a second year named Yukiko Takayama...or are you going to continue cowering like a child?"
 #40325  by Markus Green
The quiet of the forest after Shiro's outburst was made even more obvious, blinking the anger he'd felt turned into understanding though...his expression remained stone like he seemed to understand more where the albino was coming from.
"He's right Mr. Batsu...You go in there...your death eater bait...he goes in there...well," He looked towards the end of the forset. "I don't think he'd get past the spell that keeps strangers out..."

"It really is up to the teachers...the good teachers and the students." He looked towards Shiro. "I never wanted to see you again...but...I'm glad your here." If only because now he had a plan brewing in his head which could help Mark. "Do you know her year and...house?"
 #40326  by Shiro Takayama
"Actually I could walk right in there, parents walk right in...but it is an international issue I'm not ready to set up yet." He reasoned, Rokuro suddenly silent. No, he didn't like seeing the kid again either but here they were....and here he was talking to him like it was a sunday brunch.
"And I really don't like seeing you again either, be lucky your father here is giving me his life savings." He mused, now, he wasn't about to take the mans life savings...but he was about to take a chunk of it.

"Yukiko Takayama, second year slytherin." He handed Markus a note. "Take this to her, she'll know it's me....and be careful." He added, putting a hand on the vampires shoulder nodding towards the forest...and unfortunately their exit.
 #40327  by Rokuro no Batsu
Silent the vampire was because there was really nothing he could say to it. Shiro's points were dead on...and Markus who had gotten out of his panic had added to the fine points already made. He was powerless in the situation. He took Markus's wrist, slipping a protective talisman in it and nodded to him.
"Be careful...please...Come back home." He said, watching the boy leave. The two then set off out of the forest.