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 #40345  by Markus Green
The Ravenclaw couldn't blame Yukiko's reaction to his plan, a plan which he hadn't enacted. Still, he could see why it was assumed seeing as he wasn't known for his tact. Most ravenclaws were weary of him...and of Mark not aware of the two personalities due to his lack of tact when appearing.
"This...was actually for asking if we were all snake food now that they wanted to torture innocent kids, no punching or spell casting involved." His voice partially amused.

The paper shoved into his hands he took a careful look, looking up at her wondering if she was kidding with him, giving him fake hope. She was a Slytherin...surely they wouldn't trust someone dressed in green? Noting her agitation at the assumption of her character he backed off, slipping the paper into his back pocket.
"trust me...im aware." He responded, knowing that he knew that a little better than her since his 'kidnapping' just three weeks earlier.

"Thank you Yukiko, and...be careful." He said, starting to take his leave. "Wait," Right, they needed a meetup spot. "Lets meet up at the black lake once a week, it'll be safer that way...we'll look odd if were talking in public too much given our different houses." He reasoned. Markus had seen the Slytherins keeping to themselves...working together. If they saw a ravenclaw with a Slytherin one might assume they were up to no good. To make it more obvious...two different houses that have never talked in the past.
 #40346  by Yukiko Binx
Her serious look cracked slowly but surely into a smile and a laugh.
"Really?" She messed with his hair, "Bold Green...bold." She smiled, "But...kinda hot." She added, making him blush. Nodding she regained her serious look,
"Yeah." She agreed, with his comment of Shiro. Nodding she smiled.

"Sure thing, you as well." She said simply starting to head off herself, turning when she was called back to his attention. Blinking she agreed with his unsaid reasons, due to her realizing just that. She'd never really bonded with Mark, not like Prue. Them being buddy buddy might be suspicious.
"Sounds good, I'll owl you if I have anything. You do the same." She confirmed leaving the abandoned part of the library and heading towards the great hall to meet back up with Dillian.
 #40347  by Markus Green
'But...kinda hot.' That was something the Slytherin personality in Ravenclaw robes hadn't expected...he couldn't help but blush at the idea he was being considered 'hot'. He knew he was special....strong...dependable, but being locked up in Mark's head all the time he rarely got the attention for it. As she agreed, gave him a farewell and left he replayed that moment.
"That was...interesting..." He muttered heading out of the library and towards the gardens, he wasn't hungry and nor was he wanting to join a whole crowd of loud, hungry kids.