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 #40359  by Shiro Takayama
Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him...

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He hated when he was right, they had spent a few minutes going over the details of the bloody night. Genesis's burnt marks in the tatami mats, the smiths blood stains not far from that. The kitchen where he'd found Yoru's ring on the dummy, the blood from the men with him still on the tiles. The place had been protected by the Yakuza, the murders hidden from the Ministry. No one knew Genesis Batsu was gone, no one knew that the family he'd been going to have as his inlaws were gone either. They'd wanted it that way, the public had heard rumors, seen the house empty and void of light but anyone who got near always met with the nasty spell that screamed leave.

That's how it had been named the demon house, that's why no one knew exactly what had happened to the Batsu's. Sure, there had been rumors. Prudence was missing, Mark had popped back up. The fact those two were connected more to England helped keep this place out from the Japanese ministry and their nosiness.

All have gone to plan, until the two were separated by hoards of vampires. He'd killed a few of them, hit the wall a few times. Sure he'd got a few cuts, but he'd gotten no bites and so far no bullets from the snipers of the nest. That was until he felt the piercing pain on his side, hitting the wall for the last time.
'Dammit!' He thought to himself, the blood flowing freely down his side. in a haze of fury he scanned the room in search of the sharp shooter, sliding into a corner.

The vampires were dangerous, but...smart? Well he had started to think they'd gotten smarter till he heard the laughing and saw the metal of the gun in the moonlight.
"Idiot..." He muttered silently, aiming for the head. Vampires were fast and a normal human was in nowhere at an equal level when it came to fighting. Over the years he'd realized this, and over the years he realized taking them by surprise could counter this.

Staying in his corner he leveled his shaking hand and shot, using magic to speed up the bullet. One shot, the vampire dropped off what he suspected was the roof. Down the hall he heard his 'partner' for the night fight off a few more,
'Move...you have to move...' He talked himself into it, holding back the groan as he got back to his feet.

The hallways was dark, shadows taking over the house and all in it as he kept out of sight using same shadows to his advantage. He was bleeding, he knew what that meant. He had about five seconds to take out the last few left with his 'partner' before he was targeted. Five shots rang out, speeds aided by magic.
"Did I say fifty million? Because I meant one hundred million." He mused, holding his side.
 #40360  by Rokuro no Batsu
The last of his clan were gone, he'd realized this as he was directed around the blood spatter and burn marks. No one had been left...well no one other than who Shiro had saved. He had no idea bout Gemma yet, the girl of music not having music he'd listen to in the first place. The last member wasn't blood related, his bloodline gone. His heart almost shattered, well that was until the 40 vampires jumped out all at once. Shiro was drawn deeper into the halls him unable to follow as most of them targeted him.
"Shiro!" He called, hearing gun shots as well as sword slashes hitting skin. Suddenly all the anger in the car, he was able to unleash and suddenly he was the blood thirsty vampire Shiro had accused him of being.

One by one, bite and snap at a time he lowered their numbers. More blood flooded the room that had once been the original crime scene of his family. He was angry, not only had they killed his family but they had used the skeleton of his family's house to hide in. There was no honor in it, and he was pissed. The five left dropped around him, a bullet in their heads. In the doorway stood Shiro, holding his side, the blood reaching his nose.

Only...this wasn't the 'kid' he knew, seeing Shiro in a new light. His silver eyes were those of a killer, his calmness while holding a bullet wound at bay chilled him to the bone. Even the words coming out of his mouth, those were not the words of a wounded child. Those were the words of a man who had seen war and if worth the risk, or higher the price the danger was worth the reward. His robes were ruined, but he didn't care as he watched Shiro slowly make it to his side.
"You were not kidding...Shiro, we need to get you help." His parental side taking over.
 #40361  by Shiro Takayama
"No," He mused kicking once of the bodies. He'd never joked in his life and he wasn't about to start now, he also wasn't someone to make something bigger than it was. When he said a small army he meant a small army. When he talked about what they can do...he meant that's what they could do.
"Thankfully they aren't too smart. New to the vampire world they are typically still sloppy." He said simply. "The snipers I'm guessing were muggle snipers before death." He noted. "Otherwise...their threat would be a lot smaller, though I could be wrong." Maybe Jiang did train the snipers personally. He didn't know, he'd never taken one alive to ask. The few they'd taken alive were usually the sloppy vampires attacking from the shadows not the snipers on the roof.

"I'll live." He muttered using a fire spell to sear the wound, it would last for awhile but the vampire was right. He needed to get to his personal medic soon.
"His office is up the hall," He looked toward the vampire. "I'm guessing that's really what you wanted to see?"