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 #40378  by Karys Montgomery
Karys smiled, glad to have recruited another student into Dumbledore's Army, not that they were overly active at the moment anyway. She hoped that the heat the group had attracted and subsequent 'hunt' for its members would die down a bit, which would enable them to resume their fight against the Carrows without anyone getting hurt unnecessarily.

Karys looked at her watch and decided she'd better head back to the castle before they were caught in the Greenhouses with no specific reason for being there. She peered out the window looking for any signs of movement in the neighbouring greenhouses. A dark shadow moved at the corner of her eye and Karys instinctively froze, looking in the direction from which she thought she'd seen the person come from. Everything remained still and silent. Karys frowned, swearing she'd seen something. Perhaps it was just her mind playing tricks; the lack of sleep and hours of studying she'd been doing must be taking its toll. With one hand around her wand in her pocket, she made her way to the backdoor of the greenhouse, waving a goodbye to Ailsa, "I'll see you around, Ailsa, and keep safe."
 #40380  by Ailsa Alexander
Smiling back at Karys, Started to walk from the greenhouses. She knew she had been out here far to long and it was time to get back inside. Ailsa didn’t want to get any of her house mates in trouble because of it. Ailsa keep her wand in her pocket but put her hand close to her pocket.

“See you around. You stay safe as well,” Ailsa replied.

She decided to walk on and get back to her common room. Who knew what was out there. While Ailsa didn’t see anything, you never knew.