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 #40212  by Percy Weasley
Location: Diagon Alley • Date: January 8

Percy tried to ignore the many boarded up buildings. He also tried to ignore Weasley's Wizard Wheezes up ahead. All he needed was to get to Gringotts, get another small pile of coins to last him for the upcoming two weeks, and get out of Diagon Alley as fast as possible.

He hated going to Diagon Alley these days. It served as a stark reminder of the horrors that surrounded him every day at work, as he sat at a desk outside Thicknesse's office, knowing that it most definitely was not Thicknesse in charge. The worst part was, there was nothing he could do about it. If he spoke out for any reason, it would most certainly lead to a trial for him.

So he kept his mouth shut and did his job and avoided going out in public as much as possible.

Unfortunately, fate was not on his side as he rounded a corner only to see a large group gathering around a storefront.

"Oh, what now?" he muttered, trying to find a path through, trying to ignore the fact that it was either a death or a missing person.