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 #40222  by Zhao Cong
Deep within one of the clan strong holds, Zhao Tong and his partner sat. The moonlight rolled into the room designed in the old era. The China tea set still holding tea as he held in his hands a container of his adult choice. Their plans stopped dead in terms of the remaining member of the Batsu adoption kids.

The Dark lord had been threatening vampires, forcing them to work on his side. They'd seen a few of their own become caught in the web the wizard was weaving...not that Jiang would admit it. No, their master was deeper within those walls in the most decorated room acting like his plan of going into England one more time was going to work.

Even Japan with all the Yakuza warlords teaming up together was something risky, England effecting that plan as well. See, normally there wasn't a threat of a 'dark lord' and no option for Shiro and Matusmoto to lead their members into the England war zone. It was just too risky.
"So what are we going to do? He's going to expect us to step up." He sat his drink down, leaning onto the table with his elbows.
"And I'm not sure I want to risk running into this...dark lord they keep talking about...nevermind the albino warlord." He mused.

It wasn't Shiro he was exactly afraid of either. It was the sheer number of people the man always had around him. Unless they brought at least ten men the issue was the numbers. Two verses many.
 #40223  by Yi Ling Mao
"Sit properly." The man in pure white robes said gently with a bit of his stern personality for the rules falling into his tone. He had to admit that the other man was correct. Indeed it was a situation that they would not win. Centuries of knowledge and growing their reputation and all it took was three Yakuza warlords and a Dark lord to stop them in their tracks. The silent man mulled over his response, for there really wasn't any correct response.
"You are not wrong," He said, setting the tea cup down on the low rise table. "But as you said, there is nothing we can do. Jiang should understand that." He reasoned.

He paused,
"Unless you'd be willing to take the risks." He added, he wasn't going to risk it. Normally he'd follow any order given to him, the fact even he would be putting his foot down...
 #40224  by Zhao Cong
His hair in his eyes he pouted, sitting up. The silence was deafening in the big room, A room too proper for his opinion. His bed was still not made but proper Yi Ling had his bed properly made, the books twisted into perfect round shapes in his bookcase. His books were still all over his table from his night of reading past battle plans.
"No I'm good." He shook his head lightly. "The Hokkaido and Osaka branches of the Yakuza have already thinned my mens numbers...and well half of those taken numbers are now victims of the dark lord...making him no one I want to meet either." He reasoned.

"I spent all night looking through the old battle plans...and nothing." He sighed, picking up his drink. "It's not like we've not been cornered before but..."
 #40226  by Zhao Cong
He nodded, sighing as he brought his drink to his lips letting some fall into his mouth and swallowing it. It wasn't having he same effect with the stress running through his body as of late. No matter how much to drank it just wasn't letting him feel like he was living his best noble life anymore. Maybe he'd switch to tea...seemed to work for the other man.
"No," He sat the drink down and stood up his robes flowing as he opened up the doors leading to Mao's private gardens. The cool night air refreshed him.
"The Japanese have cleared away from England for the most part." He informed the other. "If Jiang wasn't such a problem to them...I might suggest a temporary truce. Only problem with that is..."
 #40227  by Yi Ling Mao
He had noticed the changes. While Zhao Cong wasn't much for an early night...he'd not been getting any sleep. Not really a problem for vampires, other than their temperament... but that didn't mean it didn't bother him to see the other restless. He'd noticed the bed was never made because it was rarely even noticed or slept in. He'd seen the countless books on the table as well.
"They don't feel the same threat as us vampires do." He once again probed the others brain, not with his abilities...simply because he knew how the man thought.

Even if they had, after they'd taken Yoru; no after making the Hokkaido war lord believe that Yoru was dead the chances they'd be able to make a deal was slim to none. It really wasn't even with their effort.
 #40228  by Zhao Cong
"Indeed..." He crossed his arms turning back into the room and grabbing his drink, only to see it taken and a cup of tea replacing it. Muttering something about the other being too proper he got back to the topic at hand.
"If you add what we did to the Batsu family and his former master...the chances go even lower." He added.

He sighed again, something he'd been doing a lot that week.
"And then there's the detail of getting Jiang to agree to it." He added. "If you put it all into a golden chest and served it the emperor...it's really not even worth trying." He openly admitted.
 #40229  by Yi Ling Mao
He smiled slightly, just enough to where he'd know he was smiling but the other would have no idea he was losing his poise. Leave it to Zhao to read his mind. Pushing his forbidden and improper thoughts aside he nodded.

Getting into the new warlords head would be impossible, there was rumors of the kid being trained...and he did indeed think of the new war lord as a kid in both blocking and entering others minds. While their minds were probably safe from entering his mind even for vampires of their age would be hard to enter.
"You've been talking to their old leader, might we go ask him what his opinion might be on his replacement?" He suggested.

It would be a desperate move, and probably a move that would fail...but as it stood now they had nothing. It might indeed be the unseen solution...should Yoru feel like giving any information.
"Maybe he can tell us how to make a secret pact?" It was official now, their plans going from the remaining Batsu adoptee...and targeting the dark lord.
 #40230  by Zhao Cong
Blinking the other processed those words, almost losing his tea at the idea of Nakamura Yoru actually helping them. He managed to keep his cool setting his tea down. He was just about to point out how unaccommodating the man was before he realized this was indeed a move Mao wouldn't normally suggest.
"You...aren't being serious." The look on Mao's facing saying otherwise. "You'd be willing to break Jiangs number one rule? You?" He almost gasp at the idea.

"Well well...guess who's following in my path of trouble making." He teased, his eyes darkening. "Your really not joking."
 #40231  by Yi Ling Mao
He never looked away his black eyes as serious as they usually were. No, he wasn't joking. It was only when the other fully realized this he spoke not wanting to allow the other more room to tease him on the matter.
"No, I am not." He started pouring another cup of tea for them both, making sure to hold his sleeve from the liquid. "This is no normal situation, unless we want to sit here doing nothing...we need to make an ally of one of them...don't you think?" And the last thing he wanted to do was become a vampire fighting for a master called the 'dark lord'...A wizard at that.

That would be an insult. Not that working with the Yakuza would be any less insulting...the only difference was really the fact the child wouldn't be their master. He would be a temporary ally.
 #40232  by Zhao Cong
He didn't know what to say, as the loyal Jiang puppet turned the tables on him. Blinking he finished processing the fact the puppet was indeed doing just that.
"Got any containers of blood?" His usually carefree tone, serious. "Were going to need something he might accept in a wager." He explained at the look of confusion.

Standing up he brushed off his front robes,
"That's if you really want to do this." He added.
 #40233  by Yi Ling Mao
Without a word he stood, going to one of his shelves and pulling out a couple small containers of blood.
"The confusion was you asking a vampire if he had blood." Mao calmly explained. "No, Zhao; I don't really want to do this." He put the containers in his robe. Nothing like holding blood as you go into the cells of the damned to look suspicious.
"I simply see no other option."
 #40234  by Zhao Cong
"Oh..." He softly said looking a bit embarrassed, he should have known his proper partner kept away from the messy habit of feeding off of the fresh victims...Might ruin his funeral clothes after all. Nodding as the other slipped them into his robes he gave him one last...and more serious nod.
"I know." His joking mood lost. "Lets just hope were not risking our necks for nothing." He shut the garden door and opened the main door. The moonlight poured into the room, as it led to the outside walkway connecting the inner circles private rooms.

Mao followed him as he went from the garden like decor into the wasteland setting. An indication they were leaving the high class area and heading to the pits as they called them. The guard didn't even look as the generals passed, and the moonlight vanished. Cells of vampires, not chained....just hungry met their gazes. They dared not meet any of them until they ended up at the only one they needed.
 #40235  by Yoru Nakamura
What they met was the piercing eyes of a blood thirty killer, a severely fed up and hungry one. He hadn't been visited in months, Jiang giving up on getting him to turn on his clan. That didn't make him less angry, the two men walking up in proper robes acting like they owned the place. In his opinion they were all sad, turning people and forcing their loyalty. Yoru himself had the habit of taking boy's off the streets or using the offspring of his senor members to keep his numbers up. Sometimes sad fools would join out of desperation to be part of something violent. He never understood the last group, but he never turned away a new member either.

He'd never taken anyone by force. He was proud to say he hadn't needed to. Blowing his dirt hair from his face he laughed in their faces.
"Been a long time..." His eyes wider, crazed looking. "Time for another bonding session?"

"No..." he laughed again, "You bought a bribe! You want my help!" He laughed a little more crazed.
"My son finally brining you to your limit?" He had no idea there was a dark lord roaming, or he would have been more than happy to tease them on their weakness pertaining to a human.
 #40236  by Yi Ling Mao
He nodded, simply following the other into the depths of the pit. the place was grimey, toned down from its usual violence due to the fact no new vampires needed talked into working for them. Instead it looked like a place the rest came to die a second death. Vampires sitting on the sides and back of their cells staring into space...or at them. The only one with real energy was the one the stopped in front of. He was crazed, but not moving. He had the personality but no energy to attack with...at least not yet.

He hoped Zhao had a plan that didn't involve instantly offering said energy to the man ready to attack the bars.
"Zhao. Might an enterduction be in place." His outward appearance unchanged. Inwardly he was already regretting even putting this idea on the table. This man was unstable.