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 #40252  by Yoru Nakamura
Looking toward the both of them he then grabbed the blood, downing it like a child who hadn't eaten for a week.
"I should warn you about what happens to those that cross me." He mused. "Get me some paper and a pen...I'll write that letter." He said having had full access to their emotions before he had even thought about writing said letter. Now he actually had to try to get his son to listen. only Zhao paused.
"What? Problem with sending one letter? This is what you wanted."
 #40254  by Zhao Cong
Zhao nodded,
"If he comes busting in here now, He'll not make it out. Jiangs army is too big around the base. I need to thin the numbers before I alert your status in the living world." He explained. "If I don't thin the numbers without looking suspicious.. any plan I make wont work." He nodded to the warning.
"I've heard the rumors...given the fact your getting food that will give you the strength to do it, it should be obvious I'm not crossing you."
 #40255  by Yoru Nakamura
That explained his prolong life in this cell...his son didn't know to look. He had realized he was missing his ring, he had thought that might have been in the attack. He was now starting to think that's why no attempt was made.
"Let him in on your plan, write the letter yourself. I'll sign it as proof." He wasn't suggesting, he was demanding. "As long as I have given the order to wait, he'll wait."
 #40257  by Yoru Nakamura
He cackled lightly,
"You think I raised him like a 'son'? I raised all my guys like an army. They take orders, as long as I keep in contact and don't vanish, He'll wait." He confirmed.
"Write it just as I say...and we'll be on the right track." He said, the vampire beginning to write, the guards not knowing of anything going on in the cells.