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 #40237  by Zhao Cong
{Warning, possible violence or sensitive descriptions of violence.]

He looked towards his partner, with a raised eyebrow as the man went on about a bonding session then a bribe. What he was trying to do was sum up how Mao was feeling about this, now that they were there. The confirmation of him starting a dialogue allowed him to know the man at least wasn't backing down from the idea.
"For once it is your son who might be able to help...in exchange for..." He held out his hands for one of the containers. Once in his hand he continued.
"Any idea how to get his assistance, we have an offering." He might have been a little childish in his hope it would be that simple because the man simply cackled.
"You wouldn't be cackling if you knew the enemy we have...he has."
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 #40238  by Yoru Nakamura
Clearing his throat he leaned his head on the wall, the evil smirk not leaving his face. His son had many enemies...most of them he'd made himself. His son was also not shy in taking care of any issues related to these enemies. In their line of 'work' enemies could simply mean another underground organization. He had no idea that's not what they meant when he spoke.
"What is it? Can't appease the Russians? Maybe you've ticked off the Italian magical mafia? My son can handle himself...believe me...no bribe, no words will get me to assist you in getting closer to my son." He leaned forward. "I cant wait for the day he tears you all to shreads!" The crazed look returning.
 #40240  by Yoru Nakamura
"The what..." He raised an eyebrow. Chuckling he put his head forward. "That sounds like a name for a low class criminal, your telling me you cant handle a small fry?" He laughed, leaning his head back again. "Let my son handle him for you, if he's really going for this guy...it'll be no time and he'll be off the map." He snorted, not understanding the level of danger.
 #40241  by Zhao Cong
Tearing them to shreds was harder than it looked...not that explaining that to a madman was going to do him any good....smirking the dark side of him started showing at the idea this guy was even suggesting his son was his match. Alone this guys son was a bug...it was simply the dark lords methods making this boy any threat. Nodding he agreed with Mao, the vampire's words not effecting either of the Chinese vampires.
"Oh really?" He leaned down, "Then explain to me how a small fry can take over a ministry so easily? chase your son and his men away from England...force vampires to do his bidding?" He smirked, "You've been out of the know how a bit to long haven't you?"

"Now," He held up the blood container. "We can assist your son...or let him face the man and perish. It's your choice...I'll even keep this offer on the table because I'm that nice." Good cop wasn't working, Zhao had decided it was time to try bad cop.
 #40242  by Yi Ling Mao
Being cocky was a weakeness...one the had already trapped the vampire in a cage. One thing the vampire didn't understand of the newer generations was how bold they could be. How unspoken and improper- at least that was the path his thoughts were on before Zhao joined in on said trait. Sighing silently he let the man try his new angle, Maybe...just maybe it would work.
 #40243  by Yoru Nakamura
Ministry? Vampires under his control? Even as tired...hungry as he was he was starting to realize just how dangerous this 'dark lord' was. Not that he was going to aid these men in anyway in getting closer to his son...he could at least use them for information. He could surely find some was out of here right?
"I'll bite...which ministry?" His smile leaving his face, and the one resigned for official meeting showing itself. "Because if it's what one I think...their not exactly a power house." He mused. "As for controlling vampires...I didn't think you...the all powerful white monkeys would be so easy to control..." He leaned forward.

"Tell me something that'll actually get my attention...keep your blood. Your not getting close to my son." He didn't want their bribe as the hunger he'd already gotten used to...but if they really wanted his information...he'd be able lure some information out of them.
 #40244  by Zhao Cong
He smirked,
"Your right...were not." He confirmed. "And your son isn't one to run from a job either, which means...the English Ministry must not be too weak either." He reasoned. "Your kids running scared Yoru...leaving the poor client to his own survival ....Now tell me this guy isn't a threat to your little group?"

He stood up,
"Ok, you don't want the blood." He handed it back to Mao, "What do you want?"
 #40245  by Yoru Nakamura
He had to disagree...seeing as they were asking a prisoner for help...but he wasn't going to say that outloud when there was a deal on the table. Something he wanted...his son running. What he wanted was to get to his son and help him take this guy out if he was really a threat and he wasn't about to trust these men with his boy.
"I want out." He smirked, "Then and only then...I might just send him a little owl to grant you an audience."

He wasn't stupid, he knew that Shiro wouldn't take the offer. But he had to tease them a bit.
 #40246  by Yi Ling Mao
Looking towards Mao he raised an eyebrow the vampire nodding. Looking back at the vampire he saw a bit of the crazy die down, the father side of the man showing. Sighing he let the bad cop drop, he hadn't liked Jiang for awhile...not that he was ready to leave the White monkeys but this offer gave him an idea. He bit his lip, knowing Mao would not approve.
"I'll be honest with you." He sighed, "I'm not a fan of this...ruthlessness'. I'll help you get out...but it'll take time." He looked at Mao who was giving him a warning look, instead he glared.
"I have to do it." He insisted, turning back to Yoru. "In exchange...you help me out of my contract with Jiang."
 #40247  by Yoru Nakamura
This...caught his attention. Zhao wanted out? The great tormentor wanted out? He laughed, as if they were any better...
"Your asking someone ready to tear your throat out...for a way out? For refuge?" He laughed some more.

Sobering up he groaned moving his back closer to the wall.
"What, for exchange of our help...you want to serve us or something? The great Zhao Cong?" He mused. "What's the trick here, is it april fools?"
 #40248  by Zhao Cong
He couldn't blame the vampire for that responce....but he wasn't about to react either. That would show weakness and he wasn't desperate enough for that.
"If you want to see your son again, You'll stop with the attacks and think about what I'm offering." He mused, "I'm serious." Mao looking at him with disapproval.
"Youre going to turn me in aren't you?"
 #40249  by Yi Ling Mao
"Mmm...I should," He left it open for a moment. Zhao was breaking the actual number one rule. Planning on going to the enemies side, but his heart told him to let it go...let Zhao go. He knew Zhao hadn't been happy with Jiang and the violence, now...going to an insane man for help wasn't something he'd suggest but he also knew this insane man had ties.
"But, I will not..." He said, looking a bit unsettled but other than that showing the body language of someone telling the truth.

"Mr. Nakamura. This enemy might spread further than England." He started, trying to aid his friend. "If that happens, both us and your son will need to team up anyway. Might as well..." He looked over to Zhao. "Take the offer."
 #40250  by Yoru Nakamura
No hearts were beating any faster...their thoughts were clear with fear. Narrowing his eyes he watched the body language carefully. They were both being honest. One willing to bend the rules and the other really wanting to leave. Sighing he laughed lightly leaning heavily onto the wall. Then he focused on the last thing being said.
"You honestly think...this guy is going to take out Matsumoto, Shiro and the other ball buster of the Yakuza?" He smirked, "I don't think so, we don't play by the rules like the Ministry...and as much as the Ministry isn't our friend...we wouldn't let them have power by taking it over either."

He leaned forward.
"So you really want out, huh? What makes you think the Yakuza will accept you...and if it does...were not much better."
 #40251  by Zhao Cong
Smiling lightly he silently thanked the other, the laughing catching his attention.
"I wouldn't underestimate them." He simply said, taking the blood from Mao's hands and entering the cell. Kneeling down, he handed it to Yoru as a peace offering.
"Your not, but you do have a code. I've seen you and your son both keep your fighting both out of the public and between us groups instead. Jiangs long lost his code." He admitted. "Help me get out...and I'll deal with the prospects of not being accepted. Just help me get out of China. In exchange...I'll help your son keep this guy out of Japan and start my plan of your escape."