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 #40263  by Ambrose Noble
He wasn't a people person, people talked...the dead didn't. There were those few people however he would have done anything for, so when Gemma Batsu knocked on his door in urgent need for shelter he opened the door and let her in with no problem. Outside he heard the laughing of a group of people laughing about something dark, probably gossiping about a missing person. Creeps.
"Gemma...coming here was not a good idea. You know my area of town is..." He didn't want to say far from friendly but in reality that's what it was.

He could see the chill in her bones, and changed topics.
"I'll put some tea on, sit sit...." He welcomed her further into his home. It was small, one stove a small bedroom...The living room was small but cozy. Books laid all over the coffee table and most of the light came from the fireplace.
"You must be cold."