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 #40294  by Shiro Takayama
To his relief as he pulled up the old Batsu house, the lights that had made it all the more ghostly in the past were out. What was left was the dark, abandoned house with a couple windows broken out. The kept yard was overgrown and the rumors had kept the house empty. Unowned. In fact even the housing market had given up on it, leaving it to rot as rumors of ghosts took over the little down it was in. To the side of him Rokuro looked out the window, in awe of the forgotten house.
"Five bedrooms, two livingrooms...one kitchen, and two studies. At least that's what I remember Yoru saying." The albino attempted to break the silence.

"All empty...some bloody...and most of all untouched." He added, looking over with light blue almost silver tones eyes.

"Now, why exactly did you give me a large sum of money just to drive you back here?" He mused, this being a reminder for his own loss as much as it was for the Batsu family.
 #40295  by Rokuro no Batsu
"I've...never been here before." He said lightly looking at the empty house infront of them. The scene was one of horror and just outside his limit of where he could go. Looking a bit down the road he pointed,
"That area was actually where my home territory started." He commented. "I'm glad his house wasn't closer." He added.

Looking over he could see that Shiro was not really interested in what he was saying, sighing he figured he should get the point. Before the option to go in was taken away.
"I need to see the house Shiro. I need to understand." He said as he started opening up the car door. It wasn't a moment later he felt the claws around his shirt sleeve.
"...Something wrong?"
 #40296  by Shiro Takayama
"Yeah, the fact that were not going inside..." He deadpanned. He wasn't a child about it, he'd seen enough dead bodies. He was fine with that image. He'd seen blood...no big deal. That wasn't the problem, he just wasn't wanting to walk into the exact crime scene that boosted him up to power.
"I agreed to let you see the house, I never agreed to go in." And he wasn't about to let a a vampire go into the place alone. All he needed was an out of control and revenge driven vampire running back out and going out on the loose. Rokuro had proven to be very family connected, which in Shiro's eyes meant he was soft. Soft meant emotional. Emotional meant weak.
 #40306  by Rokuro no Batsu
He could get angry, and we was a bit annoyed. While that was close to angry for a vampire he wasn't about to blow up on the one person who knew the in and the outs of the house. Instead he raised an eyebrow.
"I paid you enough for a house tour, Mr Takayama." He said simply. "I want to go in."
 #40307  by Shiro Takayama
Rolling his eyes, he kept a grip on the vampires arm.
"And I want the White monkeys dealt with without bloody battles but that's not going to happen either." He deadpanned. "Lets be smart about this. Its an abandoned house with a few bedrooms, a roomy family room and other open area's no one knows about who doesn't know this house. It's in an area people don't go around because of said house. Logically speaking it's a great place for a vampire 'family' and were two people." He laid out one of the reasons he wasn't about to open up his car doors.

"Close the door," He motioned to the half open car door, "Because you've not paid enough for me to deal with a possible vampires nest."
 #40348  by Rokuro no Batsu
The vampire's expression was almost to the level of warning for anyone else, though Rokuro was starting to realize the albino was hard to scare. Almost slamming the door he looked out the window, listening to the other's reasoning for this limitation. He wasn't understanding the problem though, as he would be strong enough to take out a few younger vampires. From what he understood the Chinese vampire had a large army but that army was usually young vampires with no real threat to someone of his age.
"And what am I, Shiro?" He grumbled. "Your acting as if I'm a youngling who can't handle a few vampires in a 'haunted' house."
 #40349  by Shiro Takayama
Scoffing the silver haired oyabun held back the warning to watch the treatment of his door. While he wasn't really scared of this vampire he wasn't about to test his luck with being picky either. Tapping his nails on steering wheel he looked over at the vampire with his pale eyes. He was fully aware that Rokuro was strong, old and could easily take out young vampires. He was also aware that Jiangs nest wasn't a small one, in all of the situations he'd faced with Jiangs army there had been at least 50 in each nest.

50 vampires, and they had him...and one old vampire. The numbers were just not in their favor.
"Look, Rokuro," He started his attempt to appease the vampire...reason with the vampire. "When I mean a nest...I mean a small army." He explained.
"Something that ten million isn't enough for me to deal with. Chance of personal harm via Jiangs army is at least fifty million, thirty million if the situation is a surprise. This wouldn't be a surprise."
 #40350  by Rokuro no Batsu
fifty million? Looking over at the young oyabun he was about to ask what gull he had, the other man assuming a car ride was worth ten million dollars. The tapping on the steering wheel the only thing stopping him. Fear, the kid was afraid. The small army must have been really a small army if he was this on edge.
"How many are we talking Shiro?" He asked ignoring the fact Shiro's prices went up with little to no empathy on the younger man's part.
 #40351  by Shiro Takayama
"Sometimes fifty, sometimes forty." He took a cig out of his pack and grabbed his lighter from the cup holder. "Sometimes sixty, it all depends on how threatened the Chinese vampire is feeling." He reasoned. Pale eyes then looked at the vampire, Shiro sighing at the disappointment in his face.
"The price...is because I need to pay my men and I usually have five with me..." He started. "The price stays the same because I might get shot, stabbed or clawed..."His mind continued thinking, "Or bitten." He finished.

"Or all four," He added as an after thought, smoke filling up the car a bit due to the windows being up.
 #40352  by Rokuro no Batsu
"You think I'd let that happen?" He deadpanned, sure he was a vampire and this 'kid' had no personal connection to him. This 'kid' didn't want a personal connection to him, but he was a vampire and this kid was helping him. Him helping him stay safe would be repaying the favor....right?
 #40353  by Shiro Takayama
"You think I trust a blood thirsty vampire?" He countered, not seeing this man as anything but a vampire. Finishing his habit, he snubbed it and and looked over.
"Fifty million or these doors don't open." His wand magically locking the doors.
 #40354  by Rokuro no Batsu
'Speaking of blood thirsty...' He mused as the sounds of the doors locking filled his ears. Obviously there would be no trust here, sighing he snapped.
"I'll go in alone, you get your ten million...we call it a day. That work?"
 #40355  by Shiro Takayama
"No, " He deadpanned. "That is my property in terms of territory, you go in, you don't go alone. I might not be able to handle fifty vampires but I can take care of the one in my car." He deadpanned. Truth was he simply didn't trust this vampire not to put his nose into Genesis's office, and office he still hadn't emptied. There could be clues he's overlooked and he didn't need a vampire not part of his organization finding it first. He couldn't help the children vampire, but he could this one. He could tell the vampire was about to mention his age.
"I have a katana and many blades all over this car. Don't test me."
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 #40356  by Rokuro no Batsu
A few blades didn't really faze him, no what stopped the vampire was the fact he really didn't want to kill in cold blood. He'd spent all these years drinking donated or animal blood and he wasn't about to start attacking humans now. Growling he held out his hand, waiting for the albino to realize he was accepting his offer.
"Fine, Mr. Takayama. Fifty Million." The vampire knowing there had to be another reason behind this.
 #40357  by Shiro Takayama
The air in the car had sure heated up a bit, his neck still clear if bite marks much to his shock. His hand had been ready to slash with his claws the moment he told the vampire off, a few of those blades on his body at all times due to the claws. Instead he looked down at the pale hand put in his direction. Agreement made, his job was now really starting.

Opening up the car door, he walked around the car opening up the vampires.
"I don't shake hands, but your free to follow me into the house." He offered, his back already to the vampire and his feet already heading towards the door.