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 #40308  by Rokuro no Batsu
It was past time for him to see his 'child' as Markus had agreed to be. Their one week was filled with Japanese culture training, English culture learning. Being introduced to the books that Mark looked...He'd even read with Mark. Taught Markus how to use a traditional Japanese stove...and likewise had Markus teach him how to cook fish and chips on present day cooking machines. In the end, Markus and Mark had accepted him...now when he got a letter from Markus it wasn't so hate filled either, He'd even hinted at forgiving Shiro's 'company' and even thanked them.

Those were the first letters. The last one had been much less warming of a heart and more fearful. He'd avoided the groups of 'death-eaters' targeting vampires....an easy thing for a vampire of his age. The others he'd seen, younger ones hadn't been so lucky. Even given his age he still didn't want to be available to the attempts. No, it was only because his son was asking for help that he took the risk in the first place.

Markus had been late, him watching all around for either threats of Markus. It was during his second look around he heard the tumble of leaves being moved, kneeling down he stayed in place until the pale face of Mark...or what is Markus? appeared out of the woods. Instantly he pulled the boy into the darkness, the boy fighting him.
"Markus, it's me. Relax."

He'd only wished he'd been allowed on the actual school grounds rather than the forbidden forest.
 #40309  by Markus Green
It took a lot to put Markus on edge. Sure he'd be a little uneased at times when danger was a foot for Mark, he'd even been angry at the bullies thus losing his temper but hogwarts this year was putting him on constant panic. In the past he could cuss out a bully, or fight the target. You fight these targets you ended up in a torture scene unlike anything he'd seen...and he'd been though hell on a normal basis so that was something major for him to say. Hell had been normal for him.

It had taken awhile but he had finally seen the detention that others had talked about and he was terrified. That's why he wrote Rokuro, because in their time of getting to know each other Markus in a strange way had found a father just like soft Mark had. Someone dependable. He trusted no one, even the students within that school. As he was pulled to safety, he panicked a bit only relaxing when he saw the Japanese man in those old robes coming into view.
"Thank merlin..." He said, his weight falling under him. For once he could stop fighting. Mark also seemed to relax a bit inside their head.
 #40310  by Rokuro no Batsu
The terror in his body as he felt the arm of the boy fall was something he never wanted to feel again, keeping a tight grip he knelt down with him finally getting a better look at his face. busted lip, paler features...actually if he had to compare skin tones the kid looked more like the Ablino Shiro or an undead vampire. He wasn't happy to say the least as he started feeling for possible injuries elsewhere. He felt none, though that didnt mean there wasn't any. In all his years living he knew that magical wounds were sometimes if not usually mental torture via spells.
"Markus, who....did....this?" His voice trying to hold the anger back, but failing.

An angry vampire, father figure or not could terrify most mortals and this boy looked terrified enough. Instead the body just shook.
"Markus...what is going on? Does this have anything-" He was about to mention the groups of dark people within the forest, but Markus's hand on his shoulder stopped him.
"Markus...? This is Markus right?" Because this seemed like Mark. If this was Markus...something was very wrong.
 #40311  by Markus Green
He wanted to laugh, Yeah...he as Markus...a poor excuse of his former self due to the deatheaters running the damned school, but Markus non the less.
"Marks has been put on house arrest for awhile now." He chuckled, he was internally going nuts and he knew it. Ignoring the question of who gave him the busted lip he looked up at Rokuro.
"Rokuro, I need advice." Because if he didn't come up with a plan...He'd be dead before the year ended.
 #40312  by Rokuro no Batsu
Mark put on house arrest, those words sent a shiver down his old spine. One would laugh at the vampire, a blood thirsty vampire being looking utterly terrified at a kid who seemed to have lost his mind. Only, he wasn't looking at the kid like a vampire and a meal. He was looking at said child like a father who wanted to understand why his child was shaking in front of him.
"Markus, it took me awhile to get here because of groups of 'people', what in the hell is going on in there?" He asked, now understanding that his experience had something to do with the state of his son.

The terror of those people and the terror the younger vampires felt wasn't only in the forest.
"What advice Markus, what's going on?"
 #40313  by Markus Green
He laughed,
"Something even Shiro wouldn't get in the middle of...that's what." He said, not knowing that in reality Shiro might just do something. He didn't understand that Shiro while a bad person would help someone if the money was worth it. He also wasn't aware that what was going on in the castle was something that would irk the albino.

"Look...I can't go into details but," Because if he did the vampire would be calling Shiro to get an army into the place. While that didn't seem like a bad idea in the moment, he also realized what international risk it would be if Shiro did do it. Not that the chances were high he would.
"I need counter spells...Dark magic." Mark for once agreeing, which sent a shiver down his spine.
 #40314  by Rokuro no Batsu
"I think given a good amount of money, the Yakuza would get into any situation." He counters, knowing that while there were some limits a power hungry group of criminals was actually something the albino would love to help taking out for both territory and power reasons. He kept it at that though, putting his full attention on his son.

"You want dark magic, but you arent willing to tell me why?" He said, his finger gently roaming over the busted lip. It was time to go hardball.
"Markus, I am more than willing to help you but I need to know some more information."
 #40315  by Markus Green
Sighing to the commentary on the yakuza he goes from terrified and not knowing what to do...to angry, terrified and not knowing what to do. He hadn't knowns the Dark lord had taken hogwarts when he came back...he knew a bit about the store fronts, the groups of death eaters in town but hogwarts? He'd thought that was one of the only safe places in England.
"Death-eaters ok? Death-eaters have taken over hogwarts!" He Nearly screamed. "Happy? Now give me something to use to protect Mark!"
 #40316  by Rokuro no Batsu
Happy....was the furthest thing he was...If anything he was utterly upset at the idea this violent group took over a school full of kids. In fact he was upset parents had knowingly sent them there. He'd been unaware, surely that wasn't the case for all the parents.
"Happy?" He repeated, "No Markus I'm not happy." He nearly growled, going over the cut lip once more, this time to point it out.

"Is a death-eater the cause of this?" He demanded. "What else did he do?" He said, assuming something this cruel had to be done by one of the hardened men of the group as he'd seen only men in the forest.

Sighing he shook his head,
"These men are a lot like the Yakuza...hardened criminals. You attack them they are not afraid to kill you." He explained. Only difference with Shiro's group was they were on the right side of them, not being the targets. This time Markus and him were on the wrong side of the table so to speak.
"Sadly were not on the side of being ally's with this group." He added. "I'm taking you back to Japan. Tonight."
 #40317  by Markus Green
Shaking of the finger he wanted to growl, to be angry...but Rokuro was right. There was nothing he could do.
"It's nothing...really...I'm ok. I just need..." He stopped, looking up. "I vanish, they might just end up in Japan." He hissed.
 #40318  by Shiro Takayama
Behind them a body slumped to the ground, Pale eyes watching as the vampire stopped moving. He always hated traveling to England...even more so when there was killer vampires. It was even more annoying when he had to dodge human rat packs while dealing with said vampires. Sighing he looked towards the two, having gotten a message from Rokuro to overhear what was going on. It was when he dealt with vampires and rat pack groups that he had planned to raise his price for this little trip.
"Kids not wrong, it's just logical to assume that they are tracking and watching each and every student." He backs up Markus's idea.

"So, what are we going to do about it?" He asked the two.
 #40319  by Rokuro no Batsu
"You need to tell me who." He countered, not listening to Markus's reasoning for staying. He'd personally deal with any idiots that went after Mark or Markus.
"And we are," His words caught in his throat when the voice of the albino appeared behind him. He hadn't though he'd come, even if he had told the albino the one weak area where he could enter. He hadn't expected him to accept a low payment for his help.
"Shiro." He smiled at the man, looking at the crumpled body on the forest floor. Mentally the man told himself his payment was now going up.

"You mean..."
 #40320  by Shiro Takayama
Raising an eyebrow he nodded,
"Yes, I'll take the job...for a much bigger payment." He added. The vampire moved a bit before going still for the last time. It was right after the body went still when Shiro took Markus's face in his clawed hands, pale eyes meeting brown globes. Standing up once he was shaken off he looked towards Rokuro.
"Rokuro, we might be criminals but we do have morals..." He sighed, "And in any case this group is now giving me a run for my money." And going after his English territories, territories he'd been given from Yoru's time. One of the only things of Yoru he had left.
 #40321  by Markus Green
"It doesn't matter who-" He started, only it was the voice of the albino that stopped him. Looking up he watched as the wo talked, Shiro boasting about morals and money while the vampire looked starstruck. Looking back towards the castle he crossed his arms having little interest in what they were talking about...until claws adorned his chin.
"And...what prey tell is the Yakuza going to do?" He mused.
 #40322  by Shiro Takayama
Smirking he leaned on a tree,
"Get information obviously..." He mused. "I have a cousin who contacted me awhile back, she talks about butterbeer...I ends her Japanese cakes...because well it would be rude to ignore her." He explained. "She'll help me, she's a student there." He explained further.

"From there well...I'll have to talk to my inner English contacts." He finished.