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 #40329  by Markus Green
He'd spent hours through the week asking about the young girl named Yukiko, He'd heard Prue talking about her a few times...Mark met her once but Markus had been too busy to pay attention. One would think Mark could help him here but Mark seemed to have gone mute on him. This worried him, but he had other issues at hand. If he couldn't get them safe...there would be no Mark to talk out of his mutness later.

It was one of her friends that gave him her location that day, the girl iffy on doing so but giving him the information when she was the name on the letter. Apparently Yukiko really loved her cousin and talked to him a lot.
"Yukiko?" He asked, walking up to her, she was with a boy, who looked a bit gruff, older.
 #40330  by Dillian Smith
"Yeah, I don't know Yukiko I mean..." He started, having met the girl in her first year the two hit it off. Though their ages were far between there had been a bit of a spark, a spark no one understood. Even him. It wasn't official for reason's of him looking like a creep and her getting a reputation of other reasons...but they spent what little time they could without it looking to suspicious. It had only been her inner circle who knew and they from what he was told was a bit envious she'd snagged a higher year boyfriend.

Which was why when a boy came up calling her name...he wasn't too happy with it.
"Yeah, that's her name...what of it?"
 #40331  by Yukiko Binx
In her mouth was a wasabi like candy, book on the table. The young girl intently looking at the other for his opinion on the question she'd just asked.
"So you don't think..." She started, looking at the other. It was only when she looked up to see the ravenclaw that she raised an eyebrow. Dillian and her inner circles only really mixed with slytherins on a first name basis....so the fact a boy she'd never seen before was calling her by her first name...

She had about told the guy to shove of, when she was the letter in his hands.
"Give me that." She said, swiping it out of his hands. Taking one look she rolled her eyes at Dillian. "Relax...He knows Shiro." She confirmed.

Raising an eyebrow she smirked,
"question I have is what relationship do you and Shiro have..."
 #40332  by Markus Green
"Uh..." He didn't know what to say...because to he nice about it, he usually was the one being bothered and not doing the bothering. Using his usual attitude would get him nowhere. Instead he accepted the fact he looked like a fish out of water. He was almost thankful to this girl when she stopped and explained to the other that he had a letter from her family, he was thankful Shiro knew to give him said letter.
"Relationship, are you assuming...." He stopped his attituded and took a deep breath. "He helped my adoptive father find me." He said simply. "Other than that were really not that friendly...but...well, just read." He said assuming the letter had an explanation.
 #40333  by Dillian Smith
Knew her cousin...ey? raising an eyebrow he motioned to the paper.
"Well My Japanese princess...why don't you read it to us?" He smirked, she gave him a playful smirk back and opened it as the kid explained his relationship to her cousin.

"Like that makes any sense...you are aware her cousin is Japanese nationality right? And not of ministry ranks..." Though he wasn't sure what the guy did, he was pretty sure Yukiko would have mentioned that Shiro was part of the Ministry.
"Adoptions usually go through your own country right, with proper accounts? Even if he was Ministry...surely he wouldn't have played a personal role in it."
 #40334  by Yukiko Binx
The young man in front of you now is someone I've personally helped. It was brought to my attention that there are bad things going on in the school. You know a bit about what I do, I wont go into detail but I need information if I'm to help. Work with Markus please, owl me anything that might help.'

This was not a note she was about to read outloud. She knew that Shiro wasn't in school...that he was working with a group, just not which group. She knew and was warned he was a 'criminal' by her judgmental father...she just didn't know that her father meant yakuza, and she didn't know her cousins ranking. She did enjoy his treats though, and he was polite to her letting her talk about her girl stuff with him...though he and never seemed to excited to hear from her either. Didn't matter to her, he was family and she loved him.
"Dillian...shut up." She said lightly.

"Markus...wait." She turned in her chair. She'd heard about the Batus's, her cousin had mentioned he was helping them too. Shiro had helped with this boy's adoption...or as her cousin called it relocation? That meant...
"You knew Prudence didn't you?" She asked.
 #40335  by Markus Green
Mark would have been telling him to calm down, but Mark was mute and his temper was starting to climb. He had been halfway on his way to pick the boy up and slam him to the ground...dammed the detention he'd get for it. He had lived through one, and could bear another one to shut him up! Mind you, this was his temper talking. He'd have regretted it later if not for Yukiko speaking back up.
"Y-yeah, She was...like a sister to me." He admitted. She'd been Mark's sister, but Markus had respected he fact she really seemed to have loved Mark like a brother. That had been enough for him to accept their relationship.

"Look I know you don't have to-"
 #40336  by Yukiko Binx
She smiled,
"I'm aware..." She looked towards Dillian who had done what she asked and shut up. He was now in his seat looking at he window in his annoyed, child like temper tantrum. She would have laughed, if the letter hadn't seemed urgent.

She leaned back in her seat, setting the paper on the table.
"I also am aware of my cousins involvement in helping your family...look I don't know what he does exactly but I know it's not safe to talk about anything here." She stood, looking at Dillian. "Meet up with you later?"
 #40337  by Dillian Smith
"Oh merlin...she knew the famous Prue Ainsworth?" He asked, getting ignored as the two started speaking. It seemed he was now....out of the loop. Sighing he stood, giving her a kiss on the cheek. He had been staying real close to her, thanks to the people roaming the halls...the people handing out detentions like cupcakes...so he really didn't like the idea of leaving. Sadly, he knew there was no talking her out of it either.
"Sure thing, meet you at lunch. Be careful."
 #40338  by Markus Green
He didn't know what to say, for once in his life he was speechless as she said what she wanted to, turned to her boyfriend? And nudged him in the arm as Dillian left a smile on her face.
'c'mon...' She muttered into his ear, taking his hand and leading him into a part of the library filled with spiderwebs. A forgotten part of the library. leaning on one of the book cases, looked him in the eyes, he was still speechless but slowly his vocal cords found him.
"Ok, so in my head is-"
 #40339  by Yukiko Binx
"Two people, I know." She smiled, Prudence had told her all about it...She'd paid half attention mind you, not really caring about the Slytherins ravenclaw brother at the time. She'd been caught up in her inner circle of fashion and makeup, gossip books and makeup spells. She'd even learned how to magically dye her hair....point being one Ravenclaw boy wasn't in her interest.

"My interest is, what is my cousin's goal in us teaming up?" She asked. "He's not Ministry...my friend is right...father says he's a criminal but....all I know is that he really loves sending me Japanese snacks." She smiled at the memories of those snacks. It was then her smile dropped.
"So what's he got to do with the horror's of what's going on in Hogwarts?"
 #40341  by Markus Green
"Umm...ok." The Ravenclaw didn't know what to say to that, probably due to the fact he was so used to explaining the two different personalities in order to avoid the awkward explication when the two would end up doing a switch. While he was sure Mark wouldn't be out for a long while, he'd been prepared to plan for an unexpected pop up by the other personality. Shaking his head, his fingers messed with a few of the books on the forgotten shelves.

What she was mentioning, he couldn't exactly confirm thanks to the unbreakable vow he'd made in order to return here. He was still trying to figure out why he'd wanted to come back here so bad. He could have been home free if he'd just told Rokuro about the overtaken towns that summer.
"I'm...not sure. He talked about talking to some friends if we could do some information digging inside." He looked himself over, wondering if the term friends saved him from death. Inwardly sighing in relief and with his heart still beating he focused back on the Japanese Slytherin in front of him.
"Money...I think. I don't know. He said to give you the note." Sighing yet glad he could get out of the topics borderline his death he gave her a more serious look.
"I need to find a way to protect Mark, This is the note I got after my father involved your cousin. Will you help?"
 #40342  by Yukiko Binx
Smiling Yukiko wondered why this personality was so...timid. Prudence had informed her in her first year that Markus...the personality Yukiko assumed she was talking to was usually sarcastic and harsh. This personality seemed like Mark to the young Slytherin. Sighing she stuffed the letter into her back pocket, a pocket personally made by her father on her request.
"Don't sweat it, Markus. I'm not skittish, two personalities in one body isn't going to scare me." She assured him.

Yukiko could tell while she wasn't skittish...Markus was. He was picky with his words as if afraid to give away a secret, a secret he wasn't allowed to tell. She would let it go though, the letter being enough to accept some things might be unknown. What was important was the fact he was giving her some things to go on. It also made her more trusting when his voice seemed honest on the topic of his other personality. So she was talking to Markus. Looking him over the slytherin then noticed the cut on his lip.
"Yeah, I'll help Mark. Question is...how are we going to avoid," Her pale finger pointed to his lip in an attempt to show her understanding while pointing out the results of failure.
 #40343  by Markus Green
Wondering if this girl was really a Slytherin, Markus nodded glad that he didn't have pretend to be one person should Mark pop back up. Peering into his mind, he noted his honest opinions that...that wasn't going to happen. Mark was still mute, curled up with a book in an attempt to ignore Markus's unnatural calming personality.

Relieved, he was glad he didn't have explain further. He was sure his body language was a bit...sketchy to say the least. He supposed that had to do with the letter, but he wasn't going to ask and risk her openly asking him about her suspicions.
"Mark would say watch small movements, note their behaviors in normal situations. In class, walking down the halls," He sighed, "I'd suggest punching a few faces and casting a few curses...but I already know what he'd suggest might be more effective."
 #40344  by Yukiko Binx
The slytherin nodded to the first plan, agreeing that doing it quietly was the best option...just how to do it quietly was still something she was unsure about. Surely The crowley's wouldn't show their true wickedness in class or walking down the hall, they seemed to save those moments of detentions. While she wanted to help to her fullest she wasn't about to accept the idea of landing herself in detention. Her nodding seemed to stop in a second as Markus's plan came to light.
"Ummm..." She hummed into the silent library once he was done with his rant. "Yeah, Markus...that really is just a suicide plan." She smirked, "And I'm starting to see how you got that cut on your lip." She added, reaching into her bag she handed him a list of kids that were already doing something.
"It's an inside organization, they named if after the old man..." She could see the look on his face. "I know a friend in it, A ravenclaw I met in the beginning of the year." The look didn't fade, "Look, I might be a slytherin but I'm not a fan of the demon brothers ok?," She said shoving the paper into his hands. "Anyway...there working to take down the group taking over the castle. You might get their help...and we'll do our own detective work on the side."

The slytherin bit her lip,
"Don't....tell them about Shiro, ok?" She sighed, "It would not go well."