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 #40385  by Hiro Kawazaki
“So, what are we going to do?” Dark pools looked down at the man on the table, vampires had attacked the main house with most out of town during the time of the attack. Thankfully miyuki and his own daughter included.

As the pale man lay before them though, it seemed as if that’s where the good news ended.

Beside him Yoru sat, chewing on his finger with his now legendary fangs; his free hand tapping his silk black trousers. Hiro was shocked he wasn’t tearing through the rooms going for very katana in sight while threatening to go after the ones who caused this directly. No, thinking about it in a deeper light... that was his husbands first idea. Yoru was more likely angry someone got that close to the house.
“In any case while we decide what to do next, I’ve called Mr. Takayama home. He should be home soon.” His tone clipped as he let the doctor in.
 #40386  by Yoru Nakamura
“You know what he’ll decide.” Yoru mused as he got up from the chair letting the doctor sit down in his place. The doctor seemed a bit shaken as he passed Yorus gaze, but soon the vampire was focusing on the scotch on the table near the door. It was then the doctor fully relaxed, able to focus on his work.
“He’s very protective of his men, we’re looking at a Future slaughter... not that I fully disagree.” The old vampire mused.

The years hadn’t softened him a bit, if anything the fact he was immortal for the most part made him more daring.
“Still...” he started,”we’ll have to talk him into not going into a rage filled war... even more so because of the muggle group now in the picture.” He added.

The muggle group for some reason wasn’t nearly as violent as the magical version, Yoru assuming that was due to the vampire presence in the magical branches. Vampires while still ‘human’ were known to focus more on their animal instincts. No, even he wouldn’t say the muggle group was soft, far from. If he had to be honest they simply had more limitations.

For how long? He didn’t know.
 #40387  by Shiro Takayama
“And what would they matter to me?” Arms crossed, Shiros voice appeared to the others like magic itself. Pale blue eyes watched both of the dark eyed men look his way, both seeming grateful he’d returned.

On the makeshift table that was once his desk, he watched the doctor stiffen; his eyes focusing more on the man than the doctor. When he’d heard about the attack he’d been glad none of the kids were home, he wasn’t however glad to see ishikawa near dead on his desk. Sighing he took off his leather coat, making sure his long ponytail didn’t get in the way of his waistline belt in the process.
“Log onto the computer system,” he ordered his husband.
“If we can match a face we can try to end this in a more subtle manner.” The albino already going towards the scotch himself.
 #40388  by Hiro Kawazaki
He scoffed,
“Stopping him is like-“ because shiro was protective of his men. That wasn’t why he stopped talking though. He stopped talking because of the logical status claim his husband had. Once shiro entered the room it was a given he had the floor.

Nodding he walked over to the computer, squished in between the wall and the little bit of desk space left after it had turned into the makeshift table he motioned for his husband to come over.
“First thing I did,” he said once shiro was looking over his shoulder. It was just that year they updated in terms of the muggle security. Sure, they still had many a spell protecting the grounds but it was in situations like this that was proving to not be enough.
“I’d really love to know who this wizard is because around 2 am last night he managed to crash land all our defenses.” He pointed to the corner.”here, see how the first two layers vanish?” Speeding it up two seconds he paused again. “Then the rest go.” He let the tape continue at normal pace from there. “Any idea on the spells used?” He asked as they watched the vampires and two wizards take out their mini army within the grounds.
 #40389  by Yoru Nakamura
“Probably, ones from those old books jiang has.” He mused from the couch he’d sat on when the two started staring at the useless screen many called a computer.
“Instead of a computer... you might try to magically trace the spells used.” He added showing his dismay for such updates.

“I highly doubt your going to pull up a face...” he added finishing his drink in one swig.
 #40390  by Shiro Takayama
Watching the spells go so easily, it made him agree with his husband on the matter of finding the guys identity. Yorus commentary ignored as he focused on the film in front of him.
“Stop it here.” He suddenly said, the same wizard that broke through their defenses coming into view- straight towards Ishikawa.

Looking over, his eyebrows connected.
“A vampire didn’t do this?” The doctor shook his head.
‘No, mr. takayama. This was done with a muggle weapon.’ The doctor confirmed. ‘No fangs... though...’ shiro finished the mans thought. “Sometimes vampires will use such means due to lack of Magic’s, I know.” His fingers already taking over to speed up the film in order to find out if indeed that was what happened.
 #40391  by Hiro Kawazaki
“Already did that...” he informed the vampire sitting on his husbands couch, pausing when shiro ordered him to.
“So far I can’t pinpoint the spell used.” He added while shiro talked to the doctor.

As the video continues he looked at the doctors work from time to time, bearly catching the time of the attack on the video.
“Shiro pause it.” Pointing he looked at shiro, “it wasn’t a vampire.”
 #40392  by Shiro Takayama
“No...it indeed wasn’t. That means even the wizards are abandoning their magical roots or...”leaning forward he tried to get a better look at the attacker.
“ blow up that image. Get me a face.” He ordered walking from the computer.

“We might have the muggle triad on our hands, that’s all we need.”
 #40394  by Hiro Kawazaki
“Different person.” He said starting the process of blowing up the image.
“And I can get a decent face shot.” He smugly added.

“Give me till morning, I’ll get you the face.” He confirmed shiro nodding in response before another man bust into his husbands office this taking his husbands attention away from him.

“Look what the bat dragged in...” he nearly sneered. Genesis Batsu.
 #40395  by Genesis Batsu
“When we’re you going to tell me, mark was alive!? Or maybe that I had-“ the vampire paused looking at the scene.
“A great ancestor...” though while he wanted that last part to sound angry, his voice seemed to shrivel into into his throat.

And all three looked far from welcoming, the doctor trying his best to ignore whatever happened next.
 #40396  by Shiro Takayama
“Thank you.” He calmly stated starting to take off his gloves. Blinking he focused on the vampire within his office, cursing the fact the charms were still under repair and his normally large manned security short handed until he could call in others from the other locations.
“Mr. Batsu, does this look like the time?” His voice in warning mode, as he exited his office becoming the man to follow before his father fully stood up; the man already in the process.

Normally he wouldn’t care, but with a wounded man in the room he didn’t want a vampire brawl.