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 #34908  by Set-mena
Location: Blessed Isis Temple • Date: January 18

A plague was tearing through the temple, and Set-mena certainly wasn't affected. Nope.
He definitely hadn't noticed a rash across his upper back. And he certainly didn't have a fever. He wasn't sick.

He certainly didn't need to be quarantined.

So he was hiding his symptoms, keeping himself fully covered at all times and being careful not to show signs of being sick. He kept a flask of water with him at all times, and tried not to talk too much to others.

Was it irresponsible? Maybe. Did he want to be stuck in a room with other sick people until the priests and priestesses figured out a cure? Not a chance.

He stood at his post, trying to ignore the itching on his back. His cheeks were somewhat flushed, but he was standing tall and desperately trying to appear the solemn guard he was supposed to be.

And then he felt the queasiness in his stomach rising. His brows furrowed. Crap.
 #35079  by Anat
Anat had been weary wandering around the temple lately, suspicious of anyone who looked even the slightest bit tired. She would rather be forced to take her priestess training than be stuck in quarantine because she caught the plague. She was not about to be locked up in a room for an indefinite amount of time.

Once her classes were done for the day, she made her way down the hallway, heading somewhere in particular. She had a slight skip in her step, while also being watchful of anyone she passed by.

When she finally reached her destination and saw the familiar face she was looking for, the corners of her mouth turned upwards. "Hello, you," she said as she approached him. She then tilted her head at his expression. "Are you okay?"
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While he tried to quell the queasiness in his stomach, Set-mena heard footsteps approaching. He turned his head slightly, seeing her pass beside him, and his eyes followed her until she was in front of him.

"Ah, my little songbird," he managed to say, swallowing back the bile that threatened to rise. Of course she noticed his discomfort. She had a talent for noticing the little things, he had learned since their first meeting. He forced a charming smile on his face, his fingers tightening on the handle of the blade at his side for comfort.

"I have never felt better," he replied after a moment, although he knew his cheeks were flushed with the fever he was desperately fighting. A bead of sweat dripped down his forehead. "And how are you faring, songbird?" He tried to deflect the attention off of him.
 #35290  by Anat
Anat eyed him suspiciously before scanning him over quickly, trying to notice any obvious signs of him being ill. Unfortunately? Thankfully? She couldn't find any decisive evidence. So she turned her attention to his question.

"I am doing well, thank you. Though I heard there is a spy around here, so I am a little wary." She smirked up at him.
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Set-mena froze under her scrutinizing stare. Thankfully she didn't say anything, and he could relax as much as his aching head would allow him to in the moment.

"I would have thought that all the spies had fled the temple by now," he joked, hearing more footsteps behind him. It was his relief, thankfully, and he nodded at the new guard before stepping to the side and gesturing for Anat to follow him. The courtyard would be nice. It had a nice canopy for shade.

"Wait. Has anyone left the temple lately? They might have been proper spies," he continued, mustering the energy for a smirk.
 #35349  by Anat
"You would think. But they're probably spying to see how many of us get sick." Anat winked. She then gave a polite smile and nod at the oncoming guard before taking her leave behind Set.

As they stepped outside, she took a deep breath in, enjoying the fresh air. "I may have seen a few people leave, though I am not entirely sure," she shrugged. "I have been busy with my studies this week. You would have a better idea though, guard."
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Set-mena couldn't enjoy the fresh air. He was starting to feel lightheaded. "Yes, of course," he agreed with her, still trying to smirk. "Your studies must be very important." The twinge of bitter jealousy rose in him (or was it the bile?) and he quickly moved on. "I am sure I saw some people leaving. It is very uncommon for people to leave the temple these days, however," he added, relieved when they reached one of the canopies. Under the shade, he didn't feel so warm.

"Anat, I..." he started, closing his eyes as a bout of dizziness threatened to take him off his feet. "I may not have been entirely, ah... truthful to you..."
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Anat raised her an eyebrow inquisitively at him, mindlessly playing with a leaf between her fingers. "You have not? Are you not truly the spying guard that you say you are? Or...?" her voiced trailed off, waiting for him to continue.
 #35540  by Anat
Before Anat could process what was happening, Set was on the ground and she was gasping. "Set-mena?" she dropped down to her knees beside him. "Are you okay? Please be okay." She was about to call for help, but noted how warm he was when she swept some hair off his face. "Please."
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One moment he was standing, and the next he was staring up at the sun, his vision hazy. Set-mena blinked up at the sun, vaguely hearing Anat's voice and feeling her presence next to him. He tried to speak, then his eyes widened and he rolled to his side, vomiting on the ground.
 #35576  by Anat
Anat slid back a bit as he began vomiting. "Merlin. Set-mena please tell me this is not what it looks like. Please tell me you are okay." As her fear became stronger, she let out a small gasp. She then looked around the courtyard quickly and grabbed her wand. A spell later, the vomit on the ground was gone.
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After a few moments of vomiting, Set-mena's whole body relaxed and he simply lay on the ground, trying to get back in control of his breathing. He could hear Anat's voice, full of concern, but couldn't muster the strength to reply. Instead, he curled up, absently noticing that there was no puddle next to him. She was vanishing it. Of course she was. Wait. Why was she?

He slowly pushed himself into a seated position, knowing his cheeks were bright red, either from embarrassment or the fever. "What are you..." he started to ask before having to steady himself with a hand on the sand. "I wasn't truthful to you... I'm... sick."
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Anat breathed a small sigh of relief as she watched him sit up. "Thank Merlin," she muttered under her breath before shushing him. "No you are not. You are fine. It was just hot in the temple and you got overheated." She spoke matter-of-factly. Then, she tentatively reached her hand out and placed it on his.

"You are fine."
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Set-mena was about to protest, and then she rested her hand on his and he felt something he was pretty sure he had never felt before. With other women at the temple, it had been purely about the fun of the chase and the eventual reward, but with Anat, it was different... or maybe it was the sickness speaking.

Except he wasn't sick. Even through the fog in his mind he caught on to what she was saying.

"Right..." he replied slowly, closing his eyes for a moment and steadying his breathing. "The sun was just too hot. It's happened to guards before, guards who spend too much time in the sun."

He turned his hand, running his fingers across her palm. "Thank you," he murmured, staring intently into her eyes. Her eyes were a gorgeous chocolate brown, he noticed, and suddenly his mouth was dry, although he blamed the sickness he did not have. Letting out a breath, he slowly lifted his hand under hers, giving enough room to interlace their fingers.