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"These are dark times, there is no denying..."
Scrimgeour said it first, but we're feeling it in the real world and we know you are too!

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 #36040  by Anat
Had anyone else fainted and them vomited in front of her, Anat would have found the nearest priestess and had the person quarantined, then scrubbed every inch of her body. However, Set-mena... She had only known him for a short while, but she didn't want to lose him. If he got quarantined, she would too.

But he was fine. They had nothing to worry about.

"Of course." She inched closer to him, staring into his dark eyes. "I would have hated for someone to see and get the wrong impression."
 #36046  by Set-mena
Someone to see them... Set-mena realized with a start that he was still sitting on the ground, something that would be cause for suspicion if anyone were to approach. He pushed himself up, rising to his feet and wobbling a bit. This wasn't good. He was unsteady.

"The fountain. I should have water," he said, reaching instinctively for her hand to try and steady himself.
 #36191  by Anat
Anat stood up with him, grabbing ahold of his arm. "Yes, you should," she nodded. She then slowly turned them around to face the direction of the fountain. "Are you sure that you are okay to walk?"
 #36199  by Set-mena
Set-mena nodded, his expression set. "I can make it," he asserted, taking one shaky step forward. Strangely, he was starting to feel a bit better.

He stole a sideways glance at Anat. "You're not afraid?" Set-mena left the rest of his sentence unsaid, since they weren't talking about him being sick. Of course, there was the fear that she might contract it from him, since he was supposed to be contagious. At least, that was what he had heard.
 #36273  by Anat
Truthfully, a part of her was terrified. But it wasn’t worth admitting that to him, so Anat shook her head. “Not at all. I will be just as fine as you are.” Besides, she was the one who made the decision to help him and get through this with him.

“I also have a whole family of priestesses, so we’re set.” She gave a small chuckle as they continued to the fountain.
 #36277  by Set-mena
Set-mena chuckled dryly. "I am in great fortune to have you as a caretaker," he said, turning his head to regard her with a long, fond look.

When they reached the fountain, he lowered himself to the bench surrounding it and cupped his hand. He lowered his hand into the water and removed it, sipping the water from his hand. It wouldn't do to have anyone see him act any differently and ask for a ladle. He paused, though, his forehead still warm and covered in beads of sweat.

"Perhaps I shouldn't taint the water," he said, glancing across at Anat and back at his hand, reluctant to cup more water.
 #36290  by Anat
Anat sat down on the bench beside him, watching him carefully as he drank. A feeling of guilt hit her as he dipped his hand in the fountain, but she managed to push it to the back of her brain. He was fine, after all.

She snapped out of her thoughts when he spoke and nodded. She then cupped her own hand and dipped it in the fountain. Before tentatively offering the water to him, she looked around to ensure no one was around to watch.
 #36322  by Set-mena
Set-mena watched her cup the water with her hand, then eyed her tentatively as she offered it to him. Despite being the one to suggest it, he suddenly felt shy. It wasn't a feeling that struck him very often, either. Despite that, he leaned in, sipping at the water from her hand. It tasted sweeter than the water he had had previously, or maybe that was just his imagination.

"Thank you," he said softly, giving her a small grin. "You will make an excellent priestess," he added, reaching over and tucking a small piece of hair that had slipped free from her head covering back behind her ear.
 #36372  by Anat
Anat gave a small smile as she watched him drink from her hand. Her expression then dropped. "I... Am not sure I want to be a priestess." She bit her lip, searching his face for any sort of reaction. He was the first person she had ever felt comfortable enough to admit that too. Even her family didn't know the truth. "Is that bad?"
 #36377  by Set-mena
Set-mena lifted his head, squinting at her. It was the last thing he had expected from her. For weeks, he had come to picture Anat as the very image of a priestess, and now... through the fog of the fever still clinging to his mind, thoughts were trying to rise to the surface. Images of the two of them leaving the temple and finding a boat to sail up the Nile together. Or across the sea, to see what else was in the known world.

"No," he finally said, putting his hand on hers. "I imagine your family is similar to mine. They told us for years that a life at the Temple was all that matters, but it was never what I wanted," he admitted, shrugging a shoulder. "I thought I wanted it, but truthfully, I don't."
 #36382  by Anat
Anat breathed a small breath of relief at his response. "No one in my family is not a priestess. But I want more than that. I don't want to be stuck here forever." She paused, staring at their touching hands. He was the first man she had really ever interacted with, and she was happy she had decided to interact with him. Ever since they had met, she had become more certain of what she wanted in life.

"I want to see the world. Something other than desert." She then slowly leaned towards him, momentarily having second thoughts. However, her impulse won over as she gave him a peck on the lips. "I want this."
 #36393  by Set-mena
One moment, Set-mena was nodding along with what she was saying. The next, she was getting close to him and then her lips were on his. His eyes widened and he stared at her in disbelief.

"Anat..." he breathed, his eyes flicking down towards her lips then back up to her eyes. "You really..." he trailed off, a small grin spreading across his face. "I want it too," he said, his fingers brushing against her lips before leaning in and pressing his forehead against hers. "All of it."
 #36609  by Anat
Anat smiled softly at him as their foreheads touched. “We should run away. You and I.” Her eyes had a hint of pleading in them as she spoke. “You can protect me and I can sing for you.”
 #36613  by Set-mena
A sly smirk now spread across Set-mena's face. "Yes," he answered, cupping her cheek in his hand. "We do not need this temple. We have each other," he added, reluctantly pulling away in case there were any wandering eyes. "We will have to plan it, though. And I should probably recover from my heatstroke," he winked, "first."
 #36632  by Anat
Anat nodded along as he spoke, her smile showing hints of excitement. A small part of her was still relieved that her feelings were turning out to be mutual. She let out a small sigh when he pulled away from her.

“Right, we cannot travel under the desert sun when you already have heatstroke.” She shook her head, smirking. “You need rest and fluids. And to not be out in the sun, like we are right now.”