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 #34058  by Laioken
He was so far lost he did not want to asked for direction he had things he want to do. He had it small part of town or something. It was tavern and then when he was asleep. It was one those night.

He did not stay in the bed and that is he had snap the chain and he had what he thought was another sleeping incident. But this time people around the around area saw it. That is they tried to get away from him.

He had become creature and he had snapped and was chasing muggle through the street. He cause a horse to rear up fellow knight and another trample to death and it was without chaos that is people running in all direction tried to get away from what others would call it werewolf. It was almost like early version of werewolf in london.

Then finally after the full moon end he woke up far from it all. That is he had left chaos in the wake of what he had done. Many people wonder about if there was anything could be done. Was it vampire or something else all together that case such and he woke in the woods lost once again. He was what would people would know as the forbidden forest.
 #34910  by Elswyth
Elswyth was spending more time outside of Hogwarts than inside these days. It was easier to avoid the founders, rather than face them and own up to what she had done.

With a sigh, she ran her fingers along the bushes as she walked through the forest. Blissfully unaware of any recent news, she came to a pause when she saw the young boy ahead of her.

"You okay?" she asked, her hands dropping to her sides.
 #34918  by Laioken
Laioken usually could not remember a thing that happen that is and yes sometime he found himself lost basic when he had these things happen.

"Well yeah I think I am okay. I think kinda lost. I tend to sleep walk. I think wondering got me in trouble area. I should have put bell on myself that is wake me up. Well it is too late to dwell on that."

He let out light laugh on the subject that is he was tried to not take whole thing seriously mainly get the person to a laugh at him or for that matter. Now if he could location a map on where he was or had been.
 #34999  by Elswyth
An eyebrow raised. "You were sleep walking? All the way out here?" asked Elswyth. She thought for a moment, trying to remember where the nearest village was. "Where are you from, anyway?"

She nibbled on her lower lip, taking in the boy in front of her. A small voice piped up in the back of her mind, cute, but she ignored it.
 #35128  by Laioken
Laioken smile lightly that he end up on farm one time. "Yeah.It has happen many times. I am from England. That is I am a artist you could say I paint I travel many places to find inspiration not just by sleep walking. But this time I sleep walk cause I was in England in my studio working on something. "

He want her to know sometime he went places that he choice to do so that is get fresh new ideas and stuff. He want things to a new to look at and have the wow factor and sometime fantastic and such thing.
 #35183  by Elswyth
Elswyth did a double take. "You came all the way from... England?" she asked incredulously, desperately trying to determine if she remembered right that the Kingdom of England was a fair distance away.

After a moment of wide-eyed surprise, she collected herself. "An artist, hm? What kind of things do you paint?" she asked, curious.
 #35220  by Laioken
Laioken smile to a himself thinking about how far he gotten and he had thought he went too far. "Yes I did."He smile lightly it was almost like magic if one thought about it that is muggle did not have clue on how he get here was another story.

"Sometime self portrait of person. I did few that is of animals I seen for my own amusement. Other time whatever I can up within my head at the time." He had vivid imagination that is what he had when he did not have magic true but he did have imagination that is nothing wrong with that.