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 #35267  by Osthryth
Location: Near the Lake • Date: Mid - January

It was a rare day in January when the weather was tolerable. It wasn't warm by any stretch of the imagination, but neither was the wind biting or the frost clinging to Osthryth's skin. The weather was good enough that Osthryth felt encouraged to venture out of the castle walls to see what she trouble she could scrounge up. Her mother had been the one to teach the girls how to scour for potions ingredients during all seasons. The pickings were scarcer this time of year, but that didn't mean there wasn't anything to be found.

The ground was clear of snow, luckily, so Osthryth kept her eyes on the ground as she wandered the grounds near the lake searching for something, anything, of use.
 #35722  by Eardwulf the Archer
Eardwulf didn't like winter. Winter meant more fires in the interest of keeping warm. As a result, he spent more time out of the keep, shooting arrows one after another down by the lake until his quiver was empty. The weather wasn't so bad, thankfully, and he breathed in the crisp air as he readied another arrow.

He didn't release it, though, as another figure entered his field of vision, near the tree he had been aiming at. "Oi!" he called, relaxing the bow string and pointing the arrow tip at the ground. "Watch yourself!"
 #37155  by Osthryth
Osthrtyh jumped back from where she'd been about to step, her face whipping up from the ground to glare at whoever interupted her foraging. She spotted the older boy immediately, and stood with an indignant sniff. "Maybe you should watch where you're shooting?" She remaked, eyeing his bow and arrows with disdain. She had little use, or respect, for weaponry such as the one he carried.
 #37215  by Eardwulf the Archer
Eardwulf snorted, lifting his bow and shooting an arrow at the next tree over, the point burying itself in the bark. "I was standing in the open, and I have loosed several arrows," he said, unstringing his bow now that his quiver was empty. "You should watch where you're going."

He marched over, starting to collect his arrows from the various trees. "What are you doing out here, anyway?"
 #38500  by Random Event
A sudden chill began to grasp the air, and a thick fog started to descend to the earth.

In a matter of moments, the wind began to swell, and snow seemed to fall in dense pockets, obscuring vision. A blizzard was amidst.