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Ireland and the British Isles are in the midst of the rise of one of their magical world's most feared wizards of all time.
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 #34363  by Can Zerdali
 10 Jan 2020, 23:49
Location: A hiking trail on the isle of Skye • Date: January 11th, 1979
Time of Day: Late morning • Weather: Pouring

Can had mostly agreed to this trip so that his bandmates wouldn't be on his back so much. He'd never really been hiking before, and he failed to see how a long walk someplace wet, cold and windy could do anything for team building.

The tensions among the band weren't down to him, though, were they? In the beginning, Can had often expressed his point of view, but some of his bandmates were quick to shut him down, and the others wanted him to move on, anyway, so he felt like it was in the best interest of Wyvern of Wye to put himself out there less, and agree to what was suggested to him, hence this bollocks expedition. But hey, it might be fun, and the label might indeed be right: maybe this would bring them all closer together?

Can was willing to try.

'D'you reckon they sent us here on the Isle of Skye because we're Wyvern of Wye?' He asked the musician beside him.
 #34658  by Syd Harley
 13 Jan 2020, 21:12
April was going to murder him.

Or, maybe, April of all people might get it. She'd been part of the industry, another one of the many various-shaped cogs that kept the chart-topping, legend-making music churning out of the brain factories. She knew that there were some heights that cannot be ascended without a little extra boost.

This was a lot of height, though. The gym-skipper was a little surprised. You'd think he should know how high it'd get in Scottish no troll's land considering he was born and supposedly had babbled his first word in Scotland, but Edinburgh might as well be South Pole from here.

Maybe he needed more boost.

Except that would make the summit toast less pure, so he'd better wait. If he panted another decibel louder, he was never going to hear the end of it from Can about how he wouldn't be panting if he'd bothered joining the lead guitarist at gym, as if Syd was going to wake up at six AM for whatever self-imposed torture that Can and April were so obsessed with. Surely they must be three-quarters to the summit by now. That was where they were headed, right? The summit? The instrumentalist wasn't exactly listening, having tuned out their manager by 'go on a little hike' in the second or third sentence of what ended up as a forty-minute pep talk.

"Don't put that in a song," he replied as he chewed on the stalk of a wild fern in an attempt to distract himself from the labour.
 #34673  by Can Zerdali
 13 Jan 2020, 22:40
Can rolled his eyes. 'As if...' He'd have to get everyone's approval to actually contribute to the lyric composition in order to do that. And he wouldn't write such a cheesy, simplistic rhyme. No, sir, not him. He wanted to do experimental music. He didn't even care if his words rhymed! In any case, no one ever asked his opinion, so it stood to reason Syd wasn't asking him seriously.

Instead of grumbling further, Can took stock of the surrounding landscape, and it made him happier. His creative gears were turning. Grasses grew on the surface of the ground, but everything seemed so barren. The grass was like fuzz, barely covering a layer of dessiccated skin over a dragon carcass. Hey, he should write that down. Not those exact words, but something about a dragon carcass, surely. Can was brought out of his creative musings by the sound of Syd's panting, once again.

'Mate, d'you need some water, or something? You sound like you're about to die.'