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Ireland and the British Isles are in the midst of the rise of one of their magical world's most feared wizards of all time.
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 #34253  by Peter Pettigrew
Location: The Leaky Cauldron • Date: Early January

The Order of Phoenix was currently having a meeting, only, Peter was not in attendance. Apparently today's meeting would require one-on-one dueling and defense training. After pulling names from a hat to see who would duel who, and Peter picking out Sirius Black, Peter had decided it was the perfect opportunity to make himself scarce. He wasn't about to duel Sirius Bloody Black! He'd much rather face off against Voldemort himself!

Actually, that was a lie. He absolutely wouldn't.

Right now, he sat alone at a table, leaning his head against the palm of his hand, eyes glazing over the latest edition of the Daily Prophet. He'd immediately skipped over the serious coverage regarding the impending arrival of the 'Dark Lord' or whatever they'd called him - he didn't need to read, hear, see, or face it! Although...now that he thought about it, perhaps he should have stayed at the session to see who the best duelist was so he could partner up with them when the climax of the war did strike.

Maybe next time. Maybe.

He continued to read, reaching an article about Dragon Pox.

"Really? What else? A Vampire infiltration? Torrential rains? Poisoned beer?" He groaned, but then swiftly narrowed his eyes at his own cup.
 #35277  by Remus Lupin
"I should hope not," Moony remarked as he took a seat across from his friend. He set down a pint of his own, as well as a second for Peter. Thank God for the Potters' riches, else he'd be drinking from a puddle over in Knockturn.

"Or we'll be doomed together."
 #35282  by Peter Pettigrew
Peter snapped his eyes up at his friend, a little shocked and perplexed to see him here - and to see him so cheerful. He instinctively looked over Remus' shoulder, wondering if the others would follow him here to this hiding place; perhaps they would try to out him for skirting out of a potentially harmful situation.

"M-Moony, you're here?" He cleared his throat and then rephrased his tone. "You're here!"

He glanced at the second beer. Clearly he wasn't mad enough not to buy him a drink. Maybe he wasn't mad at all. Reaching forward he took the pint glass and took a hefty swig before looking back to Remus.

"I think we're all doomed together, regardless. Better with a pint, I suppose...what, uhm, brings you here anyway?"
 #36330  by Remus Lupin
"We suddenly found ourselves at an odd number," Moony answered, "And I thought it best to let Padfoot and Prongs have their fun. Cheers."

Remus took a healthy gulp from his own cup.

"You might not be wrong, you know," he admitted after a moment. "Maybe this is all a fool's errand, and we'll all be crushed under the might of Voldemort and his Death Eaters."
 #36362  by Peter Pettigrew
Peter's face paled immediately.

"N-now, c'mon, Moony. You can't be going nihilistic on me now...you don't really think that, right? We're not...er...doomed, are we?" He cleared his throat nervously. "I mean I know I say these things but..."

He gave a sheepish smile.

"It's the likes of you an' Prongs an' Padfoot that's gonna win it, right? We're all gonna be worm fodder if even you don't think you can win, especially with your -er- special abaility, eh?" He spoke hopefully.
 #36528  by Remus Lupin
Remus allowed a rueful chuckle at that.

"It's more of a condition, really," he muttered. "Anyway, I said maybe. Whether we win or lose, it's a battle worth fighting. I would very much like us to win, but to do that we need every capable fighter to be ready and willing."

He kept his tone friendly as he continued.

"Not shirking training bouts."
 #36567  by Peter Pettigrew
Peter was smirking at first, but it soon fell into a frown. The tone was friendly, sure, but it certainly didn't diminish the connotations of his words. He pressed his lips together before taking a long swig of beer.

"Shirking? Who's shirking? No shirking here." He spoke, a little too quickly as he shook his head. "I'm just leaving the big stuff to those who want it most, you know? Ne need to get myself in the way when its more necessary for others to practice the complex spells and that. I'll go back when that stuff's over and it's the more - er - supporting roles required for training."

He tried desperately to convince himself, though couldn't look at Remus whilst he spoke.