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 #35397  by Xenia Sweeney
Location: Occult Records Studio • Date: January 28

Xenia carefully checked up and down the hall before slipping out of her manager's office, adjusting her shirt. Thankfully, she didn't see anyone. She didn't know what she would do if someone, especially one of her bandmates, saw her leaving his office so late at night.

Swallowing, she stepped out into the hall and slowly started walking, feeling like it was longer than it should be. The singer passed the musicians' lounge as she walked, and after a moment, she stepped into it. The sofa was so inviting, and she didn't really have the energy to make her way home. Instead, she collapsed on the sofa, playing a bit with her hair.
 #35401  by Can Zerdali
Can had been rehearsing like crazy. The band was going to record their new song, and it was going to take the wizarding world by storm, the guitarist was sure of it. It wasn't the best of their coming album, but it had all the hallmarks of the next greatest hit, and he knew it was going to be one of the songs that launched them into the stratosphere. And Can was going to be ready for it.

He'd spent all evening playing his riffs and chords over and over again, and it was only when his vision was too blurry to read the music on his sheet that he decided to give up and take a little break. A little break morphed into a nap on one of the two couches of the musicians' lounge of the studio, and he snored peacefully until a sudden noise ripped the light sleeper from his slumber.

'Who's there?' Can slurred.
 #35436  by Jezeviel Degraph
The Bassist had entered the studio with an instrument far bigger than the one she was usually seen carrying. Sunglasses had covered her floor-drawn gaze, making it obvious that she was not in the mood the speak.

She had locked herself in an individual rehearsal room and had taken the instrument from its case. It had been years since she had seen her old cello.

The last few weeks had been extremely frustrating for the bassist. Her bandmates' reluctance to produce their own songs and their Managers' insistence that they record songs that sounded like what they had already released had taken its toll.

Anger and frustration were the feelings she had been channeling through her bow. The sound escaping the cello had been violent and mournful.
 #35714  by Xenia Sweeney
"Shit!" Xenia squeaked, bouncing upright. Her eyes darted around the room, trying to find the source of the sound until they fell on the guitarist across the way.

"Zerdali," she said, her hand on her chest in exaggerated shock, "blimey, you scared me!"

This wasn't good. How long had he been here? Had he heard her activities with her manager? Was she about to be exposed? She furtively checked that her blouse was fully buttoned.

And then the music broke through her thoughts which opened up a whole other can of worms. Who else was in the studio?

"What are you doing here so late?" she asked, her voice shrill.
 #35768  by Can Zerdali
Can blinked, surprised at Xenia's shock. It was a lot to wake up to. It didn't register to him that her behaviour was suspicious, but it was putting him on edge. He was allowed to be here in the lounge, surely? You didn't have to reserve the time you were planning to come in, right?

'Hello, Sweeney,' he slurred. 'Thought I'd get some extra practice in for the recording tomorrow. You?'
 #35777  by Jezeviel Degraph
She did not know how much time had passed, but it had certainly been hours. Carrying her instrument she walked down the hall hoping she would be able to leave without being seen.

Voices coming from a nearby lounge made her slow down. She recognized the voices and knew that she wouldn't be able to pass without at least being noticed. She rolled her eyes and gently rested her instrument against the wall. Maybe she could go in say 'hi' and leave.

She walked into the room as if not expecting them. "You're working late," she shot her bandmate a suspicious look. "Boyfriend," she nodded towards the man she was 'dating'.
 #35793  by Xenia Sweeney
Xenia finally regained her senses and was able to calm herself down. She shot him a suspicious glance and was about to answer when a third musician walked into the room. Xenia blanched. Out of everyone that could possibly come across her in this situation, Jez was the lowest on her list of people she wanted to see. If Jez found out what was really going on... she didn't want to think about it.

"I was... working. Practicing," she finally blurted out. "Didn't expect to see anyone else here so late, though. Surprised neither of you heard me. Though, I guess if you were both playing, then..." she trailed off, shrugging.
 #35809  by Can Zerdali
Can jumped again when Jezeviel entered the lounge. Bloody hell, this nap had made him jumpy. He shook his head to dispell the last of the sleep, and sat upright.

'Hello, Jezeviel,' he said in a voice he intended not too cool. They were pretending to be dating, and he'd been told to really sell it. He was doing his best to be convincing, but she was always making it so difficult. This wasn't his fault, was it? He already had a significant other; he hadn't asked for this, and he had no idea why she was so hard on him.

'Do you guys have a recording session tomorrow, then?'
 #35892  by Jezeviel Degraph
Jez frowned as her bandmate claimed to have been practicing. She would have bought it if Carmen had been there as well, as far as she had noticed the two usually practiced together.

She glared as Can used her full name. At least he hadn't used a sickeningly sweet pet name. "We don't have a session tomorrow," again she turned to look towards her bandmate. Their endless conversations regarding the direction of their next album had brought things to a standstill as far as recording new songs.
 #35904  by Xenia Sweeney
Oh, right. Jez and Can were dating. At least, she was pretty sure they were. Xenia glanced between the two of them before settling on watching her bandmate.

"Hopefully soon. I'm going stir-crazy," she said, shrugging. She then rose to her feet. "How nice that all of us are here, and after hours, too. If only we had something to celebrate the occasion." She hoped to draw attention away from where she had been and move forward.
 #35915  by Can Zerdali
Can looked at the two women tiredly. Couldn't they both just leave so he could resume his nap? Especially Jez. His fake girlfriend was a tiresome person, and literally so. Most interactions with her, he left feeling like a Chinese Fireball had trampled his body and mind.

'I will celebrate if you've got cake,' he said. 'I don't do the partying thing before recording, it's better for the album if we're all sober.' He eyed the both of them, wondering if they were sober themselves. Xenia looked pink-cheeked and was talking a lot. Hmm, maybe she'd been drinking. Jez looked mean and uncompromising. It was impossible to know with her. She probably scared alcohol into not making her drunk.

The occasion wasn't so nice that it called for cake, though. They weren't old friends reuniting. They were just two women bothering a man who desperately needed some sleep. 'What is there to celebrate, anyway? Why are you even rehearsing if you guys aren't recording?'
 #36327  by Jezeviel Degraph
Jez rolled her eyes. Of course, the label had matched her with the most boring artist on the planet. "So virtuous," she complimented ironically.

"I can find something to celebrate," she responded with a smirk as she eyed her bandmate. "But let's leave the principled behind, he has important things to do. Like napping," she started counting on her fingers "vocalizing and probably even dieting." She wiggled her hands as if talking about the most exciting of things.
 #36388  by Xenia Sweeney
Xenia wrapped her arms around herself, once again finding herself glancing between Jez and Can. A giggle escaped her, a genuine one, not a nervous one, at her bandmate's words.

"You're probably right," she said, arching an eyebrow at Can. "Don't worry, we'll leave you to your nap," she added, giving him a sympathetic smile before prancing over to Jez. Hopefully their manager had left by now. "Shall we?"
 #36413  by Can Zerdali
'Oh come on,' Can rolled his eyes as well. Jezeviel was really unfair.

'Maybe you don't take your work seriously,' he said somewhat smugly. 'But I do.' He shook his head as his girlfriend went on. 'Vocalizing?' Can scoffed, somewhat under his breath. 'I'm a guitarist. Some girlfriend you are.' And how was dieting a bad thing? He wasn't on a diet, but yes, he watched what he ate. A strict regimen of exercise he had also been prescribed and he followed both to the letter. These things were not boring!

'Don't go on my accound! You're not bothering me, I could use the company,' he said, much more to Xenia than to Jez.
 #36560  by Jezeviel Degraph
She turned towards him so quickly that her magnificent head of hair snapped against her cheek like a gentle whip. There was nothing she took more seriously than the band and she would not let Can question that.

"When The Platonics' next single tops the charts and makes every milestone the Wyvern of Wye have achieved look like pebbles in a pond you can think about who's taking their career seriously," she said with such confidence that she almost felt ready to celebrate her band's not-yet-realized exploit.

Jez took Xenia's hand. "Let's go," she invited.