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Ireland and the British Isles are in the midst of the rise of one of their magical world's most feared wizards of all time.
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 #36356  by Can Zerdali
Location: Can's flat • Date: March 1, 1979
Time of Day: Evening • Weather: Mild

Finally a quiet evening. An evening with no bandmates turning down his ideas, and no fake girlfriends being outrageously rude towards him. Just a quiet evening in with some takeout and his boyfriend.

Sitting on the couch and strumming his guitar, Can improvised a song about Angus.

'Reckon if we changed your name in the song to something about dragons it'd be a hit?'
 #36424  by Angus Bell
Angus was in the kitchen, digging through Can's pantry trying to find a drink for himself to pour. Although he had yet to check the fridge, which would must likely have been his next move. He paused however when the other strummed and asked him if a song about 'Angus' replaced with 'dragon' would be a hit.

He snorted in response.

"A love song about dragons? I reckon not."
 #36428  by Can Zerdali
'Can't be dumber than Jim's suggestion last week,' Can countered. 'My mate the centaur, I ask you...' He shook his head. Sometimes his bandmates were depressingingly unoriginal.

Stopping his music to look back at his boyfriend the guitarist said, 'If it's beer you're after, it's in the fridge. Liquor's in the ottoman.' When you were in a band, you had to hide your alcohol from your fellow musicians, sometimes. 'Whatever you're after, bring me one, and come sit by me, won't you?'
 #36430  by Angus Bell
Angus smirked when Can finally revealed where the alcohol was, it was almost as if he were too obvious in what he was looking for. Either way he found the liquor and poured himself a whiskey, and Can one. Throwing some ice cubes in he went over to the couch and plopped down, swinging his legs over Cans legs, extending himself across the length of the couch.

"I still don't see why we don't come up with beats and the music first, before writing the lyrics on top. Seems like a far more efficient process."
 #36431  by Can Zerdali
Can gratefully accepted the glass Angus brought him, but what truly contented him was feeling the other man's presence by his side. He smiled at him, took a sip of his glass and set it on the coffee table. The flat wasn't big, and the furniture was cheap, but it still felt like home. Especially when Angus was with him.

He squeezed the drummer's knee for a moment, then returned to his guitar. 'I don't know, I don't think you can force inspiration to go in one direction or another. You never know which one will come to you first. Sometimes they both come at the same time. Here, listen to this one. Came to me one morning after waking up. The entire thing!'

Can started to play his guitar, a melody that started softly and then rose in intensity, a crescendo that culminated into an explosion of riffs, and as he did, he began to sing about the obstacles between a man and his happiness, the inner struggle to overcome them. The song was long, maybe seven minutes, and when it was over, he looked over at Angus expectingly.

'Did you like it? I call it Rise of the Phoenix.'
 #36638  by Angus Bell
The squeeze of the knee felt nice and proper, he enjoyed the application of pressure as it helped with any anxiety one felt. Although Angus did not normally feel anxiety sometimes pressure was nice to have any nerves be alleviated. He took a few sips of his drink, closed his eyes and listened to Can play.

Raw music was always interesting to listen to, because it was unpolished and came from ones gut.

But when Can finished Angus had almost fallen asleep. Not because he was bored but because he was tired and music always had a way of lulling him.

One eye would pop open and he would take a sip of his drink and nod. "Pretty good. Don't think they'd let it on the radio with that length though." He joked, although he was partially serious. Record executives were always quite uptight about certain formulas. Things had to fit. What wasn't broken wasn't meant to be fixed and musical pioneers were often extinguished in creativity.
 #36639  by Can Zerdali
Can smiled at Angus, glad for the drummer's support. 'I think they should. It's called progressive rock. The Muggles are doing fifteen minute songs, did you know?' Setting his guitar to the side, he grabbed his wand and summoned a record cover from his music shelf. The album featured an art piece of a screaming man in blues and reds. 'This album is already ten years old, Angus. We're late to the party. Wizards always are. But it's a new sound in the magical world, no one's heard this stuff before. It's experimental. This could be groundbreaking stuff that really gets the band on the map.'

Can took a sip of his whiskey, and put his arm around Angus' shoulder. 'The drum parts are always really killer, too.'
 #36725  by Angus Bell
Angus cringed a little bit at the idea of a fifteen-minute song, not because of the option of it existing. But rather, he could not imagine himself listening to anything for fifteen minutes. It seemed far too long of a time to focus on something and nothing good ever lasted. That was what he had been told as a child anyway. All good things came to an end.

"Think so?" He looked at the record cover, his lips pressed thin, the magical world was always late on the take-up. In truth, he was surprised they weren't listening to some doo-wop from the United States nowadays. Wizards were very late, but it meant that showing something too new could very well put them at the bottom of the charts. Playing to the audience, it was just as important as experimenting and slowly showing new sound.

"I don't know, nothing is as killer as my drums." He boasted jokingly before leaning into Can with a soft sigh.
 #36730  by Can Zerdali
Can didn't notice Angus' lack of enthusiasm, wrapped up as he was in his own ideas and projects. 'Of course! I don't want us to be that band where every song sounds the same. I ride the dragon was one thing, but it can't be just that. There has to be...' he trailed off, his expression impatient, gesturing wildly. 'Something unique about every song. You can't listen to the record and not know which song is which. You can't ask yourself where each song ends and the other begins. They all need their own...' Can smacked his lips as his English failed him for a few seconds. 'Their own özel bir şey, their own special something.'

He grabbed the record back from Angus' hands, and put it on the coffee table, then turned back to his boyfriend with a sweet smile, and kissed his forehead. 'Of course. We wouldn't be anywhere without your drums, yakışıklım. You bring it all together. It'd be a disaster without you.' Can was speaking lightly, in a joking manner, but still he felt it was the truth.