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 #34291  by Percy Weasley
Location: A cafe in London • Date: January 9

What on earth was he doing?

Percy didn't know why he had responded to the ad in the paper. All he knew was that he was currently sitting at a table in a cafe, drumming his fingers on the table in front of him, trying not to watch the door too much, and trying not to think too much about the piles of work that were sitting on his desk at the Ministry.

A blind date. What had he been thinking?

When the bell over the cafe door jingled, he lifted his head, wondering if this next person was the woman he was expecting.

This was going to be the worst day ever, he already knew it.
 #36141  by Lucy Fairchild
Lucy hesitated outside the cafe, fidgeting with the zippers of her jacket pockets. She had agreed to let her friends set her up on a blind date so she could "get to know more people". Unfortunately, they had neglected to tell her that the date was going to be in England. At least until they had already set everything up and it would be rude for her to cancel. Of course the only person willing to date her lived in another country. And of course it couldn't have been Italy.

When she finally decided to go inside, she stood just by the door and looked around. She began to realize that her friends had also neglected to give her any details besides where the date was going to be and the boy's name. Thankfully, there was only one person sitting alone and, taking a deep breath, she slowly approached him.

"Is this seat taken?"
 #36151  by Percy Weasley
He had seen the girl walk into the cafe and swallowed. Percy was ready to stand up and walk out and forget about ever having agreed to the date, and then suddenly there was a feminine voice speaking to him and he was sure he was starting to sweat beads on his forehead.

"Er...." he started, finding it hard to speak in his frantic embarrassment. "I don't suppose you're here for the, ah, the date?" Smooth. No wonder he barely had friends. It was a small wonder Penelope had even looked his way in school. He didn't even realize that he had never actually answered the girl's question.
 #36196  by Lucy Fairchild
Lucy stared at the man, blinking slowly at his question. "I'm here for a date, yes." Of course the only person who answered the ad was not an apparently socially adept person. "And, assuming the date you're implying was in a news ad, then it's with you." She stood for a couple seconds before pulling out the free chair and dropping onto it. "So... Hi."
 #36202  by Percy Weasley
Percy wanted to kick himself. "Right, yes," he said, finally taking a moment to take in the girl. Light accent. He couldn't place it, but that wasn't a big problem. Maybe he could actually use it as a point of conversation later.

Oh, Merlin, he was schooling himself on social interaction in the middle of a social interaction.

"Hi," he said, sticking his hand across the table. "I'm Percy." After a moment, he sighed. "And I haven't done this before, if it was obvious." Best to get that out on the table. Maybe it would explain his awkwardness.
 #36376  by Lucy Fairchild
Lucy tentatively reached out her own hand to shake his. "Lucy." She had to admit, he wasn't the worst option to be stuck with on a date. At least he wasn't a player. "You haven't been on a date? Or you haven't talked to a girl?" She gave the slightest hint of a smirk. Maybe if she lightened the mood things wouldn't be as awkward. "If it's the date thing, I haven't been on one in a while, so it's cool."
 #36381  by Percy Weasley
At the very least, Percy was proud of his handshake. He had carefully curated his handshake over the past couple of years and it was now firm and confident, even if he felt anything but confident.

"Haven't been on a date," he clarified, chuckling awkwardly. "I had a girlfriend in school, but we broke up after graduating." Was it kosher to talk about previous relationships while on a new date? He wished he could have asked someone before coming out to the cafe.

He needed to be more date-like. "Would you like to order?" he asked, gesturing towards the counter.
 #36618  by Percy Weasley
This was where having been early had been beneficial. Percy had already staked out the menu, although he hadn't been to this particular cafe before. He had even taken a moment to ask a nice older lady who had been here earlier about the coffee. "I hear their cappuccinos are good," he said, swallowing a lump in his throat. "And the blueberry scones. At least, that's what I was thinking... if you wanted to get them too?" He gave a hopeful grin.
 #36724  by Percy Weasley
"Perfect," Percy said with a grin, rising to his feet. "Yes, very good. We shall," he added, gesturing towards the counter. Ladies first, he knew that much. He noticed her pulling out her wallet and internally cringed.

"No, hey. I don't mind paying," he said quickly. He had money. Not a lot of it, but enough for two cappuccinos and two scones. "If that's alright with you, I mean," he added, shyness creeping up on him again.
 #36759  by Lucy Fairchild
Lucy paused as she started to head to the counter, staring at him blankly. It had been a long time since someone offered to buy her something. And she kind of liked it? She didn’t want to act too surprised though, so she slowly put her wallet back in her purse. “Well, okay then. Be my guest.” She continued to head to the counter, a small smile on her face.
 #36897  by Percy Weasley
Thankfully she didn't react too weirdly to his insistence on paying. "Very good," he murmured, turning to the very kind-looking barista. "Two blueberry scones, and two cappuccinos please," he said, internally praising himself for not stumbling over his words. When the coffees and treats were offered, he took a coffee and scone and handed them to his date. It felt weird, thinking of someone as his date. He then took his own coffee and scone and headed back to the table.

Once seated, he decided he should probably ask her a question about herself. "So, what do you do?" he asked. Safe, right?