A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #36602  by Dino O'Sullivan
Location: By the Black Lake • Date: March 3, 1997
Time of Day: Early afternoon • Weather: Crisp

Dino had found something to keep himself busy. No, not his homework, of course. Obviously not. It was never his homework. Much to his Professors' dismay.

No, the thing which Dino had found, prancing about on the school grounds, was something much different. It had roughly the appearance of a ferret, only it was slightly larger. From his readings Dino instantly knew what it was, though he'd never seen one before.

He'd approached the jarvey and instantly took a liking to it. And now, they were both sitting on a branch in a high tree above the Black Lake, getting to know each other better.

Dino had been carrying with him a sack of dead rats, as he often did when taking a stroll on the grounds. You never knew when you were going to decide to veer off into the Forbidden Forest in search of clinker creatures, did you? And he'd totally been vindicated this time! He'd have to brag about it to Velvet when he got back, since she was always telling him it was gross, and she didn't want a roll of bread that had been in the same sack as a bunch of dead rats, thank you very much. Totally useful!

So he was in the tree, talking to this most interesting of creatures, and handing it a rat every now and again when it spoke back. He was just now throwing a dead rodent at the jarvey when his aim missed, causing the rat to instead hit another branch, and slide off, falling to the ground below.
 #36992  by Timothy Maxwell
It took some time, but Tim felt like he was slowly getting this insane place sorted out. It surely took him some time but there were days when he almost felt he fitted in this chaos. Not today though... as often he was just walking through the castle when a ghost came out of the wall directly in front of him. No matter how often that happened it always unnerved him to an extreme extent.
Fortunately, there was always his resting place - the shores of the lake. Watching the dark water was very relaxing and so far always helped him get his composure back. But today was just one of these days... not a full minute after he sat down under one of the trees something fell on his back. The young Hufflepuff reached his limits once he found out that the thing that just hit him was a dead rat.
Pulling his wand he aimed at the tree above him. "Immobulus!" he yelled after making the proper movement. The young Hufflepuff was very gifted when it came to Charms...
 #37087  by Timothy Maxwell
Tim heard a well-known voice from above. Had he known it was Dino he would aim better.
"Watch it up there, there are people down here as well. Or one person anyway..." he yelled back there with his wand still firmly grasped and aimed.
"You dropped something..." ... and it hit me of course, he didn't say.
 #37115  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Oh hey, it's ya!' Dino exclaimed happily upon recognizing the voice. 'Timmy, how are ya doin', big lad?' Much like a monkey he used his arms to climb down the tree, until he reached a solid enough branch from which he could be seen.

'Aye, I dropped a rat! Have ya seen it? I was feedin' my new friend jarvey,' he replied cheerfully. Nothing could ever dampen Dino's enthusiasm.
 #37154  by Timothy Maxwell
"Well, I was resting but then a rat hit me... " he answered sourly. Still pointing his wand he moved his head in the direction of the fallen rat.
"Yeah, there it is... catch," some of his elder house-mates taught him a new spell and he really didn't have many opportunities to show it.
"Alarte Ascendare," he pronounced clearly, shooting the dead rat into the sky. It should come down every moment...
 #37188  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Oooh, nice spellwork ya got goin' on there,' Dino whistled admiratively as he caught the rat shooting towards him. 'A rat hit ya? My rat? Ha!' The Gryffindor shared a look with the jarvey. That was hilarious!

'D'ya want to come up and meet my new friend? He's a jarvey, they can actually talk, ya know.'
 #37230  by Timothy Maxwell
Tim finally put his wand away.
"I suck with magical creatures but I am much better at charms, " he said like he needed to convince Dino that he wasn't completely useless at magic, but the fact was he was still trying to convince himself!
"I have no idea what a jarvey is and don't want to get hit by another dead rat, thank you," it will probably eat him... or it was venomous or something!
 #37279  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Everyone has an area they're an expert in,' Dino said wisely. For him, it was magical creatures and herbology. He definetely didn't want to be showing off his spellwork to anyone. Kind of like his skills in literature in primary school. How had Sister Paul called it? Ach, aye, she'd said having him in her class was the kind of trial that led to people becoming saints. Just grand. And rich, coming from a nun.

'A jarvey is nothin' like a dead rat!' Dino protested. 'They're kind of like, I don't know, ach, overgrown ferrets. And they can talk! C'mere, I'll introduce ya.'
 #37300  by Timothy Maxwell
Tim didn't really consider himself an expert, but it was true that he did much better at some parts of this crazy magic thing. Like potions - potions made sense! It was basically chemistry... as close to making sense as magic got. Even if Snape was a scary misanthrope. And possibly a vampire.
"Uh... " he was so going to regret that yet he came closer anyway.
 #37400  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Sometimes,' Dino grinned, reaching out a hand for Timothy to grab, though it was ridiculously out of reach for now.

'When there's somethin' interestin' in the tree, or when I know for certain I'm my own best company. Bout ye? D'ya normally hang out under trees?'
 #37608  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Yer the broodin' type, then, are ya?' Dino asked with a grin. He could see that. He could totally imagine Timothy looking at the lake and wondering how dare anyone throw him in such a dangerous situation as Hogwarts generally was.

'Yer goin' to have to quit yer broodin', now, though. I have a jarvey with me,' Dino said, gesturing to the creature that looked like an overgrown ferret, sitting on the branch across from him, and looking curiously at the newcomer.

'Wotcher,' the creature said.

'This wee fella's super friendly. Got a gub on him ya wouldn't believe, but he's fun to talk to.'