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 #39488  by Karys Montgomery
"So do you know this guy?" Karys asked, now wanting to know more about this arranged marriage. What if this guy turned out to be genuine and nice, an auror or a dragon handler maybe? Perhaps she should be persuading the girl to look at her situation in a more positive light. "You never know, he could turn out to be really nice." On the other hand, he could turn out to be a death eater. Now that wouldn't be a very pleasant outcome.

"But anyway, surely there must be some clues as to what happened to your aunt's lover, he couldn't have just dropped off the face of the earth." As much as she wanted to believe that no one could just disappear from the world, Karys was beginning to think it was a very likely possibility, what with Voldemort and all that stuff going on. No one could be totally safe in this world.
 #39489  by Freya Craft
"Yes I meet one time. He was bossy if you know what I mean. He told me one that Hogwart without muggleborn and without be half blood student. That teacher should be strictly pureblood wizards. I should not talk other wizard and witch that are not pureblood. That is if you know who comes to a hogwart that I should side with him. I should not play the game that I play like you what you saw because it for muggles only. All these rules I don't think do it. I like having friends and talking a others that are funny. If I was be relationship I like sense humor. I would rather married a centaur or merman. Maybe they would be bossy. I don't want to be told who my friend are or can be? "
 #39508  by Karys Montgomery
It was just as Karys had suspected, the man this girl was betrothed to sounded like a horrible man and it seemed like there was no escaping her future. Things were hard enough with the way the world was going, without the pressure from parents. Poor girl. Karys wasn't sure that what she said would help at all, but there was no harm in trying to give advice. You never know when one might need it.

"You sound like you are in rather tricky scenario, not sure how you'd get out of that one." Karys sighed, unsure of how to procede. "But if your aunt's man can help you, then I reckon your best bet is to find him. Prepare yourself, do whatever it takes, hell, just run away from home like your younger self wanted to do at one point! It's gotta be better than marrying a guy that hates anything other than pureblood witches and wizards. I can teach you a few handy spells if you want?" Karys offered, trying to be of some use. She'd decided to take Defence Against the Dark Arts for her NEWTs, like most people in her year at Hogwarts, thinking it'd probably come in handy at some point in the near future...
 #39541  by Freya Craft
Freya just want someone with sense humor and was funny. That is someone that could take her out of shadow and into the light. Was that really bad thing to want? She bit her lip as she was thinking it over that is steal Karys hair. Mainly because she was getting O on potions. But she figure that is she made a lot potion Polyjuice potion that her parents would not be looking for blonde women and not red hair girl.

"I don't want say but how can you tell what person blood status is. It not one forehead." But it was true that is she thought she heard something for minute and she turn back around. "I thought I heard something." She pause awhile in thought thinking it over. "Yeah that sound fine. There is a something you can help with me that is if you are up for it?" Or she is going to be baby about it that is about giving her piece of his hair.
 #39559  by Karys Montgomery
"Nope, I don't see nor hear anything," Karys frowned, looking over the girl's shoulder in the direction she was looking, but she saw nothing moving in the distance. "Maybe it was the giant squid in the Black Lake, he's probably bored and wants to play..." Karys offered. She was starting to get a bit agitated from standing around listening to this girl's problems, but she didn't feel like she could just ditch her and wander off.

"Um yeah what did you have in mind?" Karys asked, "I know quite a few hexes now, been reading up on them and I think I've discovered my favourite." She spoke with pride, thinking it was pretty cool being one of the older students in the school now, apart from the seventh years of course, starting to learn some of the more deadly and dangerous spells that were out there.