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 #39211  by Dino O'Sullivan
Location: The party grounds • Date: June 22nd, 1997
Time of Day: 21.00 • Weather: Warm

Finally. They had finally graduated from Hogwarts. Seven years of living in the castle, tormented by homework and Professors, making friends, getting into trouble... That was everyone's experience, right? The class of '97 had done it. They were free at last!

While a lot of people were chatting between themselves, some hugging, some crying, Dino was running around the grounds that had been reserved at Hogsmeade for their graduation party. The Tree Broomsticks were catering, and there was going to be a band performing later in the evening. In the meantime, generic popular music was blaring through the sound system.

It was not yet dark out, but the fairy lights, in this case actual, glowing fairies, had come out. Food and beverages were under a large gazebo. As far as Dino knew, all the punch bowls had been spiked. This was going to be the best evening of their lives.

Dino was going around, high fiving everyone he knew. 'We're finally free!' The Gryffindor yelled at the top of his lungs.
 #39223  by Iguana O'Sullivan
Iguana O'Sullivan was, for once, not actually feeling stress - except for the natural stress that was being at a party with her twin brother - and she almost felt happy. She had done extremely well in her N.E.W.Ts, as expected, and had secured a training contract with the Wizengamot starting in August. It had all fallen into place, and she had to admit that her seven years of hard work had paid off.

But before she could join the real world, there was one last party with all of her immature, rowdy classmates. Her eye immediately went to Dino - immature and rowdy at its finest.

"Are you trying to go out with a bang, literally? You're screaming the place down," Orla smirked at him as he passed her.
 #39337  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino whooped and cheered as everyone around him seemed to be in the same kind of gleeful mood. Dazed, too, that the end of their school career had finally come, and dazed, too, that it had come under such a tragic end. It was entirely messed up that Dumbledore had died. He was a nice old geezer. Entirely too fond of Harry Potter, but since they were both in Gryffindor, it had tended to play in their favour, even if Dino was losing his House points on a near daily basis.

That was all over, now. Now, they were proper adults, with their education done, and everything. He'd done as well as he had expected in his NEWTs, although he was certain his parents would have something to say about that. Acceptable in Transfiguration, Charms, and Defense against the Dark Arts, Exceeds Expectations in Muggle Studies, and Outstanding at both Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures, which in earnest were the only classes he cared about.

He stopped his running when he reached his twin. 'Ach, sis, it's graduation! Ya only graduate once in yer life! Come on, ya try it! Scream a little!' Orla definetely needed to learn to let her hair down, but he figured she would be heading straight into work once the holidays were over. Or worse, not take any holidays.

'We have so much to celebrate! We're finally free! We can burn our books now!'
 #39539  by Holly Jamieson
"Burn books? What are you talking about?" Holly's quiet voice piped up next to Dino. The Ravenclaw was just as glad to be finished school as anyone else, but she drew the line at burning books.

"You're insane, O'Sullivan," she quipped, taking a sip of her punch. Despite everything that had happened, she was putting on a mask for tonight. Just for tonight. They deserved it.
 #39580  by Dino O'Sullivan
'I'm insane?' Dino scoffed good-naturedly, grinding to a halt and stopping in front of the other student, and gracing her with a wide grin. 'Yer the one who's sayin' things like we shouldn't be burnin' books! That's the crazy thing, if yer askin' me! And careful which O'Sullivan yer callin' insane, Jamieson,' he added casually, stealing the punch glass from one of his friends.

He took a sip. Yep, that was from the bowl they'd spiked earlier. 'If ya mean her, I'd watch out for my arse,' he said, pointing to his sister. 'Ach, she's a right loon, and not a word of a lie.' Amused, he stuck his tongue out at his sister. 'Could hex ya right into next year if yer too mouthy.' Orla hadn't hexed him half as much as she threatened to, but all the same.