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 #38161  by Harry Potter
Location: Seventh Floor Corridor • Date: May 1997

With a free period at his disposal and not a moment of it to waste, Harry quickly set off for the seventh floor corridor. He walked along the long stretch of wall opposite the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy who appeared to be failing miserably in teaching trolls to do ballet; one particular lumpy troll wearing a pink tutu did a double spin before landing flat on it's unfortunate looking face. Harry raised a brow but continued onward. He couldn't help but feel slightly sympathetic for the creature. It was as unsuccessful at mastering it's rendition of 'Swan Lake' as he was in discovering what Malfoy was up to in the Room of Requirement.

Harry knew what he had to do; he had become most accomplished at it last year. But for whatever reason, the Room of Requirement didn't want to reveal itself to him despite his pleading. It was almost as if the stupid room was siding with Malfoy this year, which only infuriated Harry further.

Harry briefly glanced around to check if he was alone and approached the place where the Room of Requirement's door was normally concealed. He pondered for a moment then concentrated with all his might , eyes closed he thought , I need to see what Malfoy's doing...I need to see the place where Malfoy is hiding...I need to see what Malfoy is up to...

Harry opened his eyes expectantly. But the stone remained solid and unyielding as it had done so many times before.

He let out sound that was something between a growl and a frustrated sigh. "I have tried every stupid combination," said Harry aloud, his forehead pressed into the brick wall as he leaned into it in desperation," Asking nicely doesn't do a damn thing. I swear if you don't let me in i'm going to blast you to bits!"

Harry was so focused on the task at hand that he did not hear the sound of approaching footsteps, nor was he aware that he might appear to someone that he was having a full out conversation with a brick wall.
 #38164  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino was used to sneaking around the school. Most of the time he carried on with his friends, who were just as loud and as boisterous as he was, and they reached the same amount of decibels as a small jet engine, probably. Other times, though, Dino had to walk around quietly, because he needed to not be noticed, and not get caught.

Today was one such occasion. Slughorn had wanted to give him detention for making a stink bomb instead of the potion he had been supposed to make in class, but the Gryffindor had just snuck off amid the chaos. He had been dared by a bunch of Ravenclaws, and of course he hadn't been able to resist. Dino was of the opinion that he couldn't be in detention if Slughorn wasn't able to find him and tell him.

So all afternoon he'd been quietly tiptoeing around the halls where he was sure the portly Potions master wouldn't go. With any luck, Slughorn would forget all about him.

All caution went right out the window when he saw Harry Potter in a hallway, engaged in what seemed like an intense monologue with the stone wall.

'And is it answerin' ya back?' Dino called out loudly.
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 #38170  by Harry Potter
His eyes shot open. He spun on his heels to identify the person whose voice made him jump out of his own skin. Relief flood through him when he saw that it was a fellow Gryffindor.

“No,” scowled Harry, his gaze narrowing towards the wall,” but I really need it to.” He redirected his attention to Dino. “What are you doing here.....” Harry trailed off, realizing with much embarrassment that he had completely forgotten his housemate’s name despite the numerous times they conversed throughout the school year. “It’s Danny, right? No-uh-David?”

And suddenly the name struck him like a bolt of lightning to the memory cortex of his brain, “O’Sullivan! Dino O’Sullivan....” Harry gave a small apologetic smile. “What are you doing here?”
 #38181  by Dino O'Sullivan
If any part of him was still focused on Slughorn and potentially earning himself detention, it was long gone by now. Harry Potter was talking to a wall and having a meltdown. That couldn't be good. It was hilarious, though, in a perplexing sort of way. Dino was almost insulted by the fact the younger Gryffindor seemed to have forgotten his name, and was about to protest, but it came back to the lad soon enough.

What on earth was going on? 'Are ya banjaxed in the head, Potter?' Dino shook his head. 'I'm just... I'm just walkin', doin' normal stuff.' No skulking around the school Dino ever did could be considered normal stuff. 'And bout ye? Ya sound a lot more suspicious than I do.' Dino frowned slightly. Dino always seemed suspicious.
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 #38186  by Harry Potter
Harry raked a hand through his untidy hair, completely unaware of the angry red impression mark showcased on his forehead from where he pressed it to the wall. He had to think quickly. The last thing he needed was for anyone besides Ron and Hermione to know what he was truly up to.

"Just stressed," he admitted," The last match of the year is this Saturday and losing the house cup isn't an option this year with me as Captain. It's a lot of pressure, you know?" While it wasn't exactly a lie, it wasn't exactly the truth either. Stress was indeed a factor, but anyone who knew him knew that he performed better when under pressure.

"I was just practicing my speech for the team." That was a lie too. Team morale had never been higher with Katie Bell's return and he, Harry, acting as captain. Harry leaned against the wall, crossing his arms, trying his best to be as casual as possible so that Dino might find him boring and leave so he could continue his attempts at accessing the Room of Requirement.
 #38191  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino nodded, pursing his lips. He cheered for Gryffindor every single match, he wasn't entirely daft, but Quidditch, to him, wasn't the be all, end all it seemed to be for half of wizardkind. It seemed naff to him that Harry would be putting so much pressure on himself for something that was of so little consequence in the great cosmic scheme of things. People generally shouldn't be stressed out. Dino himself was very laidback. Sure, everyone was talking about You-Know-Who returning, but Dino didn't worry himself about it. He wasn't from Britain, anyway, why should he worry?

'Ach, sure. But I did hear ya talkin' about blastin' somethin' to bits? Not really sure ya should keep that in yer speech, Potter. Reckon death threats might not have the morale-boostin' impact ya seem to be expectin'.'
 #38309  by Harry Potter
“Too much, you think ?” cheeked Harry, not missing a beat. He was sticking to his story as ridiculous as it seemed.

“Yeah. I agree. Might be not be effective. “ Harry shrugged. “McLaggin and Dean will be sitting on the bench now that Ron and Katie are back on their brooms again. It would be a waste of a good speech. Shame.”
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 #38312  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino leaned against the stone wall Harry had been trying to crush his skull against, and crossed his arms, grinning. 'I don't know, big lad, think that's the best way to get the Weasley girl to hex ya into the afterlife,' he said. 'She has a mean bat-bogey hex, did ya know? Don't get on her bad side.' Dino had annoyed her once, and he'd just barely missed the attack by throwing an innocent fifth year in his place. Psh, innocent. What fifth year was truly innocent? He had gotten his tongue pierced in his fifth year. Clearly it meant no one was innocent. Hadn't kissed anyone apart from Velvet until the Christmas holidays, but still, the intention had always been there.

'Ach, don't talk to me about McLaggen,' Dino grimaced. 'At least ya don't have to share a dorm with him. The lad's in love with himself, I'm telling ya! More than with Granger, at any rate. Keeps showin' us his muscles.' It was very, very, very distracting. 'Couldn't ya just... help him have an accident, or somethin'?'
 #38314  by Harry Potter
Harry perked up at the mention of Ginny and her infamous bat bogey hex. Suddenly, he was quite interested in what Dino had to say. “I might have heard a thing or two about it,” said Harry, smiling slightly.

He nodded as he listened to his housemate carry on about McLaggin. It was bad enough to share a dorm with Dean after stumbling upon the rather aggressive snogging session between him and Ginny, but having to share one with someone like McLaggin ? Hell no. The bastard had sent him to the hospital wing with a cracked skull because he insisted on being a one man quidditch team last match.

“I’m afraid all I can do is sit him on the bench so long as Ron keeps blocking those goals. “
 #38325  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino lightly punched his housemate's arm. 'Ach, ya got to know that's not enough,' he said. McLaggen was the kind of guy you couldn't like because he focused so much love on himself there was no space for anyone else. And aye, sure, he looked great, but the self-worshipping diminished a lot of the sex appeal, to Dino at least. Maybe knock him in the head a couple of times.

'Ya think havin' him on yer team is bad, imagine havin' to listen to how great he is every single night!'
 #38426  by Harry Potter
Harry winced and gingerly rubbed his arm. He had received several bludger injuries in recent practices because he had not been keeping his eyes on the snitch but rather on a certain Gryffindor chaser with flaming red hair.

"I don't envy you in the slightest, " admitted Harry, wondering how much time had passed since Dino interrupted his rather unsuccessful attempt at getting into the Room of Requirement for the hundredth time. "McLaggen is...he's...he's something that's for sure.

"What class are you skipping out on?" He asked out of curiosity.
 #38427  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino rolled his eyes as Harry winced. 'Oh, c'mon, ya big spud, catch yerself on, I didn't hit ya that hard, quit faffin' around.' He ruffled his hair, and grinned. No need to be so dramatic.

The seventh year rolled his back on the wall, so that he was now on his side, facing Harry. 'Potions,' he said after a moment's consideration, pursing his lips. 'I have good reason.'
 #38434  by Harry Potter
Harry didn't have the time, patience, or energy to explain his injuries to Dino. "I was just curious," he said with a shrug,"You don't have to tell me why. Though, most people are lining up to get into potions now that Slughorn is teaching. " He shifted uncomfortably, having never been too keen on making small talk.
 #38435  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino, on the other hand, had always been exceedingly keen on talking with anyone. Anyone, anytime, about anything at all. He was just the friendly type, and wanted to talk to everyone, and everyone was always positively thrilled to have him around and chat, and not a word of a lie. Saying otherwise would be absolutely ludicrous. Of course seeing himself that way made him entirely blind and oblivious to other people's needs and desires, but was it really his problem if people were unable to express themselves?

'Slughorn's a good enough teacher,' Dino conceded. He had nothing against the man, apart from the obvious playing favourites bit. 'But someone dared me to brew a stink bomb potion instead of the love potion we were supposed to make, so ya know I had to do it.' He nodded, having convinced himself. Dino would do anything on a dare. 'And besides, love potion... What do ya want me to do with that?' He did have an inkling, but that was highly unethical.
 #39592  by Harry Potter
He couldn’t help but wonder if Fred or George had anything to do with the dare. Or maybe it was Peeves? The mischievous trio certainly had fondness for sink bombs.

“Why don’t you ask Romilda Vane?” He muttered under his breath, vividly recalling memories of last February. “She knows exactly what to do with love potions.”

Harry spared one last glance towards the wall before ultimately deciding that today was not the day for anymore attempts at accessing the Room of Requirement. There were simply too many distractions and too many people getting in his way.

“I should probably go. My break is just about up.” Despite his frustration Harry put on a smile. “It was nice talking to you. Take care, O’Sullivan.”

Harry set off for the Gryffindor common room, feeling more discouraged than ever before.