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 #39777  by Sadao Takayama
He'd been there for a meeting, a meeting that the man soon realized was a suicide mission with the current events going on. He'd ran out of said meeting without another thought wondering why he'd been sent on such an obscured mission. It wasn't much better on the street, though he was a pureblood and his papers were in order the fact his family hadn't hated the halfbloods...something also mentioned in his family history...he had not faired better than his actual half blooded co-workers. The fact he was a conniving, ruthless and total manipulator had been his saving grace.

Ducking into an alleyway he let out a breath of air he'd been holding for an hour, watching a group of death-eathers pass him. That was expected....not pleasant but expected. It was the person running passed him going after a vampire that wasn't expected.

In any other situation he would have gladly let the man fall into harms way...if it wasn't for him wanting to be the main cause of the man's fall from grace. That's what made him grab onto the back of his coat and pull him back, clamping a hand other the others mouth.
"Your going to shut up....and listen to me once it's safe to explain. Understood?" He said the obviously irrated man in his grasp.
 #39778  by Shiro Takayama
"You go left, I'll take the right!" The albino leader had said, before heading down the said alley he'd soon be snatched up in. While aware of the dangers they had a target that they had to get information on and nothing was going to stop him. His long coat flowed behind him, then in front of him, on his sides as he was pushed back into a mans chest, a hand on his pale mouth. What on earth gave this guy any- That was when he started to get a flashback from his childhood, the voice sending shivers down his spine. Normally he'd shove the man, but the group of black smoke appearing down the street stopped him.

He stayed silent, tearing out of the grasp once the group was gone.
"Let me guess...you made some new friends?" He mused, the hate spilling from each word. When the man said nothing he sighed, "What do you want Sadao...I really have grown out of your childish games." He countered.
 #39779  by Sadao Takayama
He scoffed,
"As shocking as it might be...my friends don't come with black smoke. Yours do, or so im told." The insult directed to his son's well known title in the underworld. To many in the world Sadao would fit well in that society, and he could see him being part of it...if it wasn't for his upstanding family and the fact his ministry ties kept him safe from his son's connections. To kill a Ministry member was risky in Japan.

"I was stopping you from getting caught with the Takayama name stamped on your record." He sneered. "They don't like us very well." The idea of him connecting this boy to his family was sickening...but...the truth was that if Shiro was caught those same family records would be pulled up and ....well he barely made it out.
"Our family was...well lets just say while we keep the line pure we don't banish those with other lines. Understand?" He smirked. "I'm still waiting for my thank you."
 #39780  by Shiro Takayama
"You've been misinformed." He deadpanned, leaning on the wall with a look of pure annoyance at the mere suggestion they would be classed with the English death eaters.
"We use legal spells, in creative and dark ways." He added. "But that's all the information your getting."

The Takayama name information got his attention though, standing up straight he listened, this being the first time he was even told about the ways of his family.
"And you'd let your family information slip into those of Ministry use?" He would have smirked if he wasn't included in it..."I thought you were smarter than that Sadao...always two steps ahead you said...." He stepped forward. "Well if you were really two steps ahead first wind of the drama here should have told you to seal that file." He finished, the object in his hand gleaming with the reflection of his fathers chin.

"Unlucky for you I learned from the best." The object getting a bit closer. "Now what do you really want? Or can I go get my vampire?"
 #39781  by Sadao Takayama
"Silly boy..." Smiling sweetly he looked into those cold eyes now an inch from him. Oh how he'd created most perfect letting monster...a little unfeeling and ungrateful monster. His hands up he leaned his head to the side a bit of red sliding down his throat though his expression didn't show it had any real effect on him.
"I'm not hiding a thing, if that's what your suggesting...no I simply want to tear you down myself." He stepped away a bit, sighing. Even if had to admit that the kid had a point...the moment those reports came flying in he should have sealed any family document.

"I do admit not sealing the Takayama family file was a mistake on my part...but..." He motioned to the street with busted out stores. "How was I to know it was to this degree?"

"I'd suggest coming with me and getting out, your vampire can wait....can it not?" He paused, "Oh right...it's a white monkey which means..."
 #39782  by Shiro Takayama
Not breaking off the eye contact, he let the man step away letting his focus be to not let the mans words get to him instead of outright attacking him. If the group earlier was a sign of anything, it was surely a sign that drawing attention to yourself was a bad idea at the moment. Instead he restored said object back to it's rightful home and scoffed.
"Isn't the Ministry suppose to have a heads up?" He shot back. "Or...wait...you are just a mechanic, maybe your not privy to that information." To be honest the man wasn't a mechanic, at least not really. Not in the muggle sense. If Shiro could compare the mans job to a muggle job it would be public safety officer for the government. He wasn't about to give the man that honor though.
"In anycase..." He stepped towards the opening of the alley.

"Sadao, I've never been a Takayama, not really. You made sure of that." The words when said by a normal person might be sad, but coming out of his mouth had a tone of mere fact, a statement.
"However...I am by all rights and respects a Nakamura so I suggest you not use his name in vain." He finished.

"If that's all..."
 #39783  by Sadao Takayama
He grunted, the insult clearly degrading him. Reminding himself he would be the one to break the man he gritted out the next words.
"Then welcome temporarily to the family...Because they don't care about the fact you were adopted by Yakuza devils, when they pull up your name it's going to be the families they pull up."

"I request a temporary truce. " He sighed, "Your skills in brute force and my...know how with how the human mind works might just get us out of England."
 #39784  by Shiro Takayama
"I happily reject....and don't plan on getting caught." He said rather bluntly, only it was the next words coming out of the old mans mouth that stopped him. Had he just accepted the fact that Shiro had something he didn't? He almost laughed, and would have if the man hadn't also suggested he was null and void in the area of how the brain worked.
"You are aware...unlike you I have a key into others memories...and a lock on mine. And you think I learned those two things not knowing how the brain worked?" He mused.

It was then he fully took in the rigid form of the other, the sweat falling off his forehead.
"Your...your actually scared. It's because I have mastered fighting and mental abilities that makes me an asset you getting you out of here. That's what your really wanting." He stepped forward. "What exactly is in 'your' family file Sadao? What makes the great mental disaster of Takayama Sadao scared for his own life?"