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 #33430  by Luella Green
Location: On the banks of the Black Lake • Date: November 30th, 1996

In Lulu's two and a bit years being a student of magic at Hogwarts - something she still sometimes couldn't believe - she had heard a lot of rumours, myths and legends about the castle and its grounds. But the one rumour she was desperate to find out the truth about, was the fact that there was apparently a giant squid living in the lake. To Lulu, that just seemed like the coolest thing in the world, and she needed to see it, and maybe make friends with it.

That was the plan she had after class on this cold November afternoon - she wasted no time escaping from the dungeons after a double Potions lesson, put on her hat and scarf and headed out to the banks of the Black Lake. It was cold, but it wasn't raining.

Lulu was sat down, holding a large branch with some leaves on that she had found nearby and dipping into the water, in case that would entice the Giant Squid to come up.

"Come on Squid, please come to the surface," Lulu said quietly, splashing her branch into the water again.
 #33888  by Reese Killigrew
Reese Killigrew was on her way to the Quidditch Pitch to squeeze some practice in, as similarly to Lulu, she hated being stuck inside, even in the winter. Though she was distracted by a younger student, who she recognised as being a Gryffindor, almost leaning over the side of the lake.

"What are you up to, kiddo?"
 #33890  by Luella Green
Lulu jumped slightly, almost dropping her branch. She looked over, and recognised Reese Killigrew, a seventh year in Gryffindor. She knew most of the older students by name, just from seeing them around, even though they may not have a clue who she is.

"Oh, nothing," Lulu said, as she struggled to explain what in fact she was doing with a giant stick at the lake.
 #33891  by Reese Killigrew
"Come on, you can tell me," Reese smiled encouragingly. She did like hanging out with the younger Gryffindors sometimes. Partly because it reminded her of her youth, and what she was like as a youngster at Hogwarts. Partly because she would be graduating soon, and she wanted to pass on her wisdom to the younger generation.
 #33900  by Lorelai Arundael
Lorelai Arundael was another Gryffindor Quidditch fanatic on her way to practice, when she spotted a figure in the distance that she would recognise in any distance. Sharing a room for seven years, as well as playing on the same Quidditch team as a person made you memorise their appearance pretty damn well.

"Killigrew, come on!" Lorelai called out from a distance as she walked past.
 #33902  by Reese Killigrew
"I guess I am," Reese rolled her eyes, but her signature grin was still there.

"I'd better go, but keep me updated on how it goes with the Squid, alright?" Reese gave Lulu a wave, before grabbing her broom and sprinting off to join Lorelai and walk over to the Quidditch Pitch for practice.